The Draoi

Real Name: Riordan [Rear-Dan] Burke
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn

The Burkes were a normal family, a bit too well to do but kind and loving. Than one calm night, there was a knock on their door; the only thing they found on the other side was a bag…with crying coming from within. The baby found in the bag, seemed healthy enough though the only identifying thing about him was a bracelet with the name ‘Riordan’ on it.

They took Riordan in and quickly adopted him, feeling that there was always room for one more, and having become attached to him quickly. Though Riordan was loved by the Burkes and their acceptance never faltered, he was eccentric and strange things seemed to happen around him and this frequently interrupted the Burkes’ well to do lifestyle and tended to embarrass them now and again.

Riordan never discussed with his parents the things he was finding in the old satchel they found him in though (They satchel they claimed to have thrown out and yet he kept finding it in his room). All sorts of weird papers, magic books, strange objects and materials that was almost literally out of this world and detailed secret histories of the world and of himself. He drank all this in and sought out similar teachings and knowledge elsewhere in life.

Than came the day he was supposed to leave for college, his parents had worked it all out for him only after he told them he wanted to go to Ireland to study with some mystic he had read about in his papers, to sum it up…they said ‘no’. So they made sure he got on the train and had all his university papers, this was the last time they saw him.

He ditched their college plans and began to make his way in the world as a freelance mystic/paranormal investigator using his natural gifts and all the arcane items he had been collecting over the years. He still contacted his family from time to time to tell them he was okay, but he wasn’t ready to see them again just yet; feeling that he wanted to be a big success before he saw them again.

Life in Garrison
Riordan found a home in Garrison City, more specifically the Lexington Wells area. Using the considerable funds he has earned as a paranormal expert and mage for hire he bought a three story brownstone to serve as his offices and residence. Now he doubles his time between heroic acts and cases as a hired expert in the supernatural.

Riordan is an eccentric and loves that about himself. He’s a fun loving, sarcastic, and slightly immature guy who just has no time for bull. He almost never takes things too seriously, save for family, friends and money. He’ll admit to being slightly greedy, which is understating it. He is full of energy and almost never stops talking, and he is usually very assured of the fact that he is always right.

Riordan is magically gifted, though he won’t be making the Empire State Building vanish any time soon so no worry David Copperfield. He doesn’t have access or skill with flashy, over the top magic that can solve any problem with a snap of the fingers. He has an amazing sixth sense that keys himself into the supernatural and all things affected by it and magical items and creatures are drawn to him, as he is to them.

The bag he was found with seems to be at times bottomless, and he keeps a great majority of his vast mystical accoutrements within. The bag seems to be mystical in many ways and has withheld great stress and attacks.

He also has a nigh unbreakable staff, that he has used as a channel for powerful spells as well as simply as a blunt object.