The Fox

fox_bioName: Vivian Green
Alias: The Fox
Height: 5’5″
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde, (Red in costume)

Vivian was born into an upper middle class city in LA, Ca. She was the youngest of five children, with four older brothers. Her childhood was a pleasant one, aside from the annoyances that were her brothers.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, they would shape her, make her strong. She was shown a lot of affection by her parents, always a Daddy’s little girl.

From the time she could crawl, she was inducted into the family business. Her father ran a security company that did everything from rent out guards to install and maintain hi-tech security systems to the rich and famous. This was what Viv grew up around.

She was a normal teenager. Dating, getting in to trouble and making grades below what she was capable of. She always seemed to be distracted, by the attention of boys and the girls as well. She was popular, and she knew it. She was a nice person though, always ready with an ear or shoulder for her friends in need. She wasn’t vain or spoiled, she just knew she was pretty.

When she was in her late teens, she started working officially for her father. First, helping out in the office, and then on actual security jobs. Having spent her whole life around the tools of the trade, she excelled, impressing her father even. She seemed to have a real knack for designing security systems, mapping the lay out and even tweaking the
electronics that went with it.

She attended university part time, working with her father the rest of the time. Though he had four sons, it was clear to everyone the business would be passed along to her…and she loved the idea. She loved her work, she loved the time spent with her father and his praise of course. University bored her. The classes and the people too. She was tired of being treated like a pretty thing by the men she met there. She had gained the respect and trust of her high school friends, they treated her like a person, not a pretty face…university was different, and she didn’t like it.

It was during this time she took her martial arts classes. First as self defense, but then because she liked it as well. Her father encouraged it as well, so that was double the reason to continue.

Disaster struck in her early twenties. Bad times had befallen the business, and they risked losing it all. Right before bad times had befallen them, Viv had worked on a large job for one Giles Fox, head of the T&A empire that was best known for its adult movies and clubs fille with “Foxy Ladies” (think Playboy, but with the fox, not bunny). Knowing she was an extremely attractive young woman, Viv went to Giles for a job. She figured she could pose for his magazine or do something to make a lot of money fast, to save the business. She wasn’t above flaunting her ‘assets’ to save their livelihood.

Imagine her surprise when Fox turned her down, saying she wasn’t good enough, that her body was sub-standard when it came to his criteria. The family business was lost, her family in ruins and worst of all, her father a broken man…Viv snapped. She was determined to make Giles Fox pay. He could have done it the tax deductible way, but oh no…

Now she was determined to to ruin him. Death was too good for this plastic ken-doll man who cared more about bra sizes than peoples lives.

Getting in to his place was no trouble at all. She snagged one of the FoxyLady costumes (stuffing the chest) and snuck into his mansion through the ‘party zone’ of the estate. Having installed his security system herself, it was a piece of cake to disable. She was also good enough to enable the system after she left. Baffling the police later.

She made away with about a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelery (His wife was very pampered) and cash. She gave what she could to her family, but then split town…telling everyone she was going to work on the east

Her travels have brought her to Garrison City, having heard it was a city one could disappear into. Since she makes enough from her night job to support a comfortable lifestyle she no longer works in the security business, instead posing as a business woman looking to open a women’s only fitness club in the area.

Charisma, Stealth, Escapism, Security Systems, Weaponry (Melee/Firearms), Acrobatics (Climbing/Dodge), Driving, Business, Gadgetry, Martial Arts, Style and Computer.

Security Gear, Thief Gear, Villain Gear, Wrist Launcher & line, Caltrops.

Personality Traits:
Self-Assured, Family Values, Charitable and Not a Killer.

Revenge, Vanity, Hatred, Mild-Addiction (Coffee) and Violent Streak.

Nerves/No Fear, Extensive Training, New in Town, Beautiful and Nimble.