The Mid-Night Man

Real Name: Dr. Corin Graves
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Known Relatives: Dr. Thomas Graves (father, deceased), Dr. Marolyn Graves (mother, deceased), Samuel Hammerstone (uncle, deceased)
Height: 6’
Weight: 165lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Born to two of the foremost archaeologists in the world, Corin Graves spent most of his early years all over the world with his parents going from one dig to another. When he was eight however his parents left him with his Uncle Samuel Hammerstone in Garrison City. They never really said why they left Corin with Samuel, but soon it seemed to have been for the best as they were both killed. Life slowed down for Corin after that. Living in Garrison with his Uncle, Corin was an excellent student in high school, president of the science club, and while not overly athletic he was on the school’s shooting team. During that time he had a crush on Jamie Harris, president of the Student Council, Head Cheerleader and all around goddess in his opinion. He and Jamie became friends, but Corin never thought anything more would come of it.

When he turned eighteen, Samuel gave Corin a package that his parents had given to Samuel for safekeeping. Taking the package up to his room, the boy opened it to find a silver ring with an Onyx jewel in it. Thinking it was far too ugly to actually wear on his hand, Corin put the ring on a chain that he wore around his neck.

One night as he was walking home alone from Garrison General where he and Jamie were interning, Corin pulled the chain from off his neck and looked at the ring. He tried it on, and it seemed to size itself perfectly to his hand. He stopped right in from of an alley to stare at the ring, when he was pulled into the alley by a mugger. The mugger attempted to slam Corin into the brick wall. Once Corin hit the shadows of the wall, he slid into them. Scared almost to the point of panic, Corin looked around and he was no longer in the alley he was in a strange shadowy world. Peering back through a small hole in the inky blackness, and watched as the mugger freaked out and ran from the alley.

Corin stepped through the shadow back into the alley and looked at the ring. It had to have been what made him able to step into the shadows. Corin looked toward the entrance of the alley where the mugger had run with a new determination. He had read in the papers of the rumors of superheroes in Garrison working to clean up the streets. He was going to join them.

That night he went home and started to work on a costume. He remembered when he was little he and his father used to watch an old superhero tv show called The Silver Specter. In the TV show the Specter worn a suit and fedora as his costume. So to honor his father, he would wear the same thing. The next night, the Mid-Night Man was born.

Shortly into his career as the Mid-Night Man, Corin and Jamie had a falling out because she could no longer stand just being his friend. Both of them finally confessed their love for each other and the two became a couple.

Their romantic bliss was short lived as the original owner of the ring the mad pharaoh Ak-Fet Sur returned to this world and had possessed the body of Corin’s uncle and then Corin himself. With the ring again, Ak-Fet Sur was once again the full champion of the Egyptian Night God Khons and plunged Garrison into darkness. The heroes of Garrison fought valiantly to defeat Ak-Fet Sur and save Corin, none more than Jamie, who had made a deal with the Egyptian God Ra to be his champion and defeat Ak-Fet Sur. with her help the heroes won the day and saved the city and the Mid-Night Man. Khons, now free of Ak-Fet Sur offered Corin the opportunity to become his champion like Jamie had become Ra’s, and Corin accepted. Thus the team of Mid-Night Man and Daylight were born.


Originally, the Mid-Night Man’s powers were generated from the ring of Ak-Fet Sur. This gave him the ability to step into and out of any shadow or darkened space within a five mile radius. As far as he knew, he could only transport himself. Due to needs, he pushed himself to be able to transport himself and up to two other people. The more people he carried in this manner, the more disoriented he and the people who traveled with him were when they emerged. Also he was able to survive a fall from great heights by falling into a shadow and walking out unharmed. The ring also granted him a limited amount of darkness projection, and the ability to see in this darkness.

Once Ak-Fet Sur was defeated the Egyptian God Khons asked Corin to become his new champion on Earth. Due to this, Corin’s powers have augmented. He now has the ability to carry at least five other people with him with none of the disorienting effects. The range of his teleportation now covers the entire of Garrison and maybe even further. One interesting new effect produced by this ability is if he is attacked in an area covered in shadow, he is able to allow the attacking object to pass through him into the shadow, keeping him from harm. The Mid-Night Man doesn’t like to use this method though, as he can see that if timed wrong it could lead to bad things happening.

The Mid-Night Man’s darkness projection is now not simply the absence of light, but the negation of it. It is unknown how much of this darkness the Mid-Night Man can summon at once. He can blanket a small auditorium in darkness within several seconds. The darkness he projects does not fill a volume instantly: it is possible to see its hazy boundary move like thick, black smoke in the air. There appears to be no limit to the length of time the Mid-Night Man can maintain the darkness. However, loss of concentration can disrupt his power to summon and control darkness, and if the Mid-Night Man is rendered unconscious the darkness seems to be naturally drawn through the shadows from whence it came. Also if a room is flooded with light, or if there are no shadows in the room at all, this will negate the Mid-Night Man’s ability to generate darkness at all (this was evident when Thrillkiller trapped him in a mirrored room with bright lights shining down).

The Mid-Night Man has control over the darkness so as to create hazy-edged, featureless black shapes with it, the complexity of which is limited only by his imagination. He frequently forms the darkness into his own shadow in order to serve as a decoy. The darkness possesses no mass however.


Originally the Mid-Night Man carried a tranquilizer dart gun. Recently, with the help of Doc Midas he has upgraded to two bracers sitting just below the sleeves of his coat. These bracers not only fire tranquilizer darts like before, but now also carries a cable line, a powerful adhesive projectile, and a tracer. The tracer is connected to a small receiver in the gauntlet.

Doc Midas also updated the Mid-Night Man’s costume making it out of a new carbon nanotube weave that is as bullet resistant as Kevlar but much thinner. Unlike Kevlar, which stop bullets from penetrating by spreading the bullet’s force, the elasticity of carbon nanotubes means that it effectively rebounds the force back on the bullet itself. Also, the Mid-Night Man’s cape’s fabric has been treated with shear-thickening granular suspension that can turn soft material into solid protective gear when struck by a projectile.

Fighting: Good
Agility: Good
Strength: Good
Endurance: Excellent
Reason: Excellent
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: Typical
Resources: Remarkable
Popularity: Typical (Press), Good (GCPD), Typical (Everyone else)
Costume Material Strength: Remarkable vs. bullets/blades, Good vs. blunt trauma and impaling weapons, Excellent vs. Heat/Cold