The Sleepwalker

Name: Detective Andrew “Andy” Pope
Alias: The Sleepwalker
Height: 5’7″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Detective, Garrison City Vice division.

Andy’s body chemistry altered itself in response to a freak accident while raiding a suspected drug factory. His metabolism has shifted gears and he no longer requires 8 hours of sleep every night, simply 90 minutes. He also finds that adrenaline and other stimulants surge into his system at a much higher rate.

Andy’s speed, strength and pain threshold have increased, but so has his temper. If he does burn off the adrenaline through some kind of physical activity, he can go into berserker rages. His body has also begun to heal damage at a slightly accelerated rate as his tissues adjust to his new body chemistry.

All this comes at a price beyond the physical. He can no longer dream the way others do because of his shortened physical need for sleep. If he goes into a period of inactivity for more than two hours, he begins to dream while awake as his mind tries to compensate for what was lost. Sometimes, when he’s just finished with a movie and has nothing better to do, it’s not so bad. Other times, like when he’s filling out paperwork at the precinct, it’s very bad.

Saying Andy Pope loves being a cop is like saying granite is hard and doesn’t taste good when consumed without milk. One of Detective Pope’s fondest memories is the first time he got to read someone their Miranda rights; a purse snatcher, no less. That had special significance. It was a purse snatching that got him into this business.

A twelve-year-old Andy was with his grandmother, enjoying a Sunday at Freedom Eagle Park, when someone grabbed his grandmother’s purse and ran. Andy watched the thief power his way down the jogging trail–with another man in pursuit. After a ground chase that, in his small eyes, was like something out of an action movie, the man tackled the thief and started reading him his rights while lecturing the thief on interrupting cops enjoying their morning jogs.

Six years later, after graduating High School he went straight into the criminology program at university where he met someone who would change his life: Eddy Lane. At first, in all honesty, the two were rather indifferent to each other. Eddy was just someone he ran into at class. They didn’t become friends until a group project in the second semester forced the two to combine their talents. Andy’s pragmatic side helped balance out Eddy’s energy; he was Roy Scheider to Eddy’s Gene Hackman in The French Connection.

That wasn’t to say Andy didn’t have his moments. Andy’s temper did not show until he was very, very angry. He kept it sublimated through his martial arts classes, running, paintball and very rough games of Irish hurling. He only truly let loose when his friends were involved; the normal protective streak that ran in him ran twice as wide for his friends. He’d stand by them until the end. Even though he had his doubts about the relationship, he stood by Eddy during his marriage, both as best man in the wedding and as his best friend.

Together, they joined the police academy, and almost left together. After the accident that gave birth to Kardiac, Andy stayed with his friend in the hospital to the point where his grades suffered. After the expulsion hearing, he was determined to walk out with Eddy. But his friend, playing the reasonable one for once, convinced him otherwise.

“I’m not going to let Garrison City lose a good cop because of me,” said Eddy, way back then. “Promise me you’ll see this through?”

“Only if you promise me to watch yourself,” said Andy. “‘You’ve got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It’ll get you into trouble some day…'”

“I like to think of it as an overdeveloped sense of justice,” said Eddy.

“You’re dodging the Princess Bride reference, Eddy.”

“Yes. Yes I am,” said Eddy.

Andy graduated at near the top of his class that year and was quickly snapped up by the Garrison City police department, starting him as a beat cop at the 8th Precinct. The brass liked him because he was sharp, through and always covered the department’s backside. The department liked him because he was tough, loyal and always willing to risk his life for another officer. By the time he made Detective, he’d received two commendations for valor.

Plus, being able to bounce a tear-gas canister between two nightsticks like it was a hurling ball always amused at office parties.

He also discovered what his best friend was doing with his nights — while on the job. Andy found himself responding to a drug deal going sour near the warehouse district. By the time he and his partner got there, the perps were in twitching heaps and someone in green was fleeing the scene. Andy did what he always did: he ran down the perp.

Seven blocks, three rooftops, and a good look at the perp later, Andy yelled, “Dammit, man, would you stop! I know who you are!”

Kardiac stopped. “I can knock you out from here, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Andy. “I also know how you run. The way you always swing your arms in a certain pattern when you’re trying to build up speed. And the green. You’ve also always loved that color of green. Remember that cheap little Honda you got in college? Same color. And, honestly, those goggles don’t work. Anyone who’s seen you on a casual day could tag you–”

“Ok, I’ll have to get new goggles then,” said Kardiac. “We’re going to have to talk about this later.”

“Yeah. I agree. But, first, you’ve got to stun me. Not too much, don’t want to miss
tomorrow’s jog.”

“Gotcha. Sorry, Andy.” It felt like being hit with a taser. The next morning’s jog proved interesting and, after a few arguments about trust, vigilante justice and Brazil, a working relationship was born. As much as he hated to admit it, he always suspected Eddy would try something like this. Especially after everything with Lexa. Andy saw the quiet work he did for his friend as a way of watching his back when he couldn’t do so in person.

And then came the accident…

Others in Andy’s life:
*Captain Martin Castillo, head of GCPD’s Vice section.
*Detective Angela Sheldahl, Andy’s partner on the vice squad.
*Lt. George Madison, a member of the GCPD’s Major Crimes unit.