Diva Aidenne

diva_avName: Diva Aidenne
Species: Theelin
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Diva/Assassin
Age: 24, though many have mistaken her for much younger
Height: 1.524 m
Weight: Go ahead… ask. I dare you.
Hair: Varying reds and oranges, much like the sunset
Eyes: Gold
Marital Status: Single
Family: Diva Orane and Ransom Shoza (Theelin slaves, whereabouts unknown at this time)
Medical Alert: small for a Theelin (or human), Aidenne appears almost frail or waif-like, an image she has carefully cultivated to use to her advantage
Ship: n/a… at the moment

Additional Appearance Notes:
Her pale skin is mottled with reddish orange spots that start from a point in the center of her rib cage then curve up and around her lower shoulders to come together again in a V by her tailbone

Aside from being a Theelin Diva of wide acclaim, Aidenne is also disturbingly efficient assassin. While she generally favors non-messy ways of dispatching her targets, she’s not above a well timed explosion or other noisy techniques. As a somewhat public figure and secret killer, Aidenne has grown quite skilled and knowledgeable with various poisons and other silent and even misleading concoctions which range from the quick and painless to the lingering, and even the delayed that leave the mark dead long after she’s gone. For her own protection and in times when she doesn’t need as much subtlety, she carries a Vibroblade.

Aidenne has very carefully constructed her soft-spoken, cultured persona. Her small size has often given the impression of a lost little girl, the sort that seems to draw two responses: the need to protect her or a desire to take advantage of her. Both are generally bad ideas. As an assassin, she’s cold and detached. If she feels any remorse, it never shows.

To the few people who truly know her, Aidenne is kind and considerate. Slow to smile, but her golden eyes sparkle when she’s happy. When it comes to being on stage, her music is full of a passion and strength that seems almost too powerful to come from such a slight frame.

Aidenne holds very few memories of life before slavery: the sound of her mother’s voice, her father’s hands working in clay, flashes of faces. However, as a somewhat rare and highly valuable pure Theelin, even her youngest years in captivity are remembered with painful clarity.

As a young Diva in the possession of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, she bore witness to and often tasted the cruelty of belonging to such a master. But Aidenne was not content to resign herself to the fate of so many of her fellow female slaves. As a slave, her presence was often overlooked or taken for granted while she entertained, allowing her overhear many secrets her master might not have wanted her to. When the opportunity presented itself in the form of one of Jabba’s connections, Tyber Zann – a young but ambitious up and comer, she began to make plans of her own.

Not yet fully accomplished in the art of manipulating people, Aidenne went to Zann with open confidence. She presented a deal: she would give him information about when and where Jabba was selling a priceless artifact in return for Zann arranging her freedom. Though Tyber Zann himself was captured and jailed in the exchange, Aidenne did find herself out of Jabba’s service and in the company of Zann’s loyal associate, Urai Fen. Expecting her freedom, she was surprised to hear that she had instead been purchased and would now be working for new employers.

While Zann sat in prison, Urai Fen began the task of grooming Aidenne for her new task. The young Diva practiced and honed her skills as a musician as well as taking to the new training. Even before Zann’s release, he secretly set Aidenne up in an opera house on Coruscant to add to his wealth and connections as a Diva – securing his power and helping orchestrate his revenge on the Empire as a most unlikely assassin.

Using her growing prestige, Diva Aidenne was able to get close to many prominent figures. Though not everyone she entertained with private meetings ended up dead, the ones that Zann had directed her to all managed to die of creative and mysterious causes. As the years went on, Aidenne began to buy her freedom back, one body at at time. Though her debt is not fully repaid yet, the Diva has recently begun to enjoy a little more freedom in both her musical career and her other profession.