krynn_avName: Kry’ynneth’ashdine, Krynn
Species: Chiss
Home world: Csilla
Occupation: Bounty Hunter & Mercenary
Age: 16 (Human 24-ish, they mature rapidly)
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 200 Lb
Hair: Midnight Black, cut very short
Eyes: Red
Marital Status: Single
Family: They have disowned him, and given him to the Ascendancy Defense Force. He formally was the son of Tevin’nashadori and Ilyrea’ander’tulia
Ship: A Chiss Ascendancy Star fighter

Krynn is a soldier, and a killer. He was raised in Chiss Ascendancy, and was pushed into early training to be a member of the defense force by his parents hoping it would be an outlet for his aggressive, destructive, and often brutal impulses. He has been driven by his race’s doctrines of discipline and duty.

Krynn is very physically strong. He is proficient with most weapons, and skilled in the Ascendancy’s form of martial arts (Which I kind of see as being like Krav Maga.). He has taken a distinct liking to pikes and vibroblades. He is trained in demolitions, stealth, marksmanship, and survival. He can also pilot small spacecraft such as fighters and shuttles.

He is horrible with social interactions. He has a hard time empathizing with most ‘normal’ people he meets. Often when moments call for tact and subtlety he has only his military training to fall upon.

He has a powerful connection to the force, but one that he has yet to understand fully or come to terms with. He has the personal discipline to hone its use into becoming a powerful master, but has none of the training or guidance. He can feel that he is different, and knows that there is a path calling him, but without knowing where the first step of the road is. His force abilities manifest usually as intuitions, dreams, whispers, feelings of strong emotions, and instinct. Sometimes under periods of distress they may become more pronounced. His troubled childhood has already started Krynn down the path to the Dark Side, and the two have grown quite close even unknowingly.

Krynn is initially antisocial, almost to the point of sociopathy.

He comes from a troubled childhood of perfect parents, and family. His family were aristocrats in the Chiss Ascendancy on their home world of Csilla. His father was a dignitary and liaison between the houses of the Ascendancy in charge of negotiations of the public good, both locally and upon the other worlds of the Ascendancy, and his mother was a sculptor. She has inherited a commission by the royal courts to carve elegant wonders into the ice of their courtyards that had been handed down her family line for over eight hundred years.

Early in his youth he was a coward. When he was young he would have horrible dreams of pain and death, nightmares of far away places and people suffering he couldn’t control. He feared the night and what lurked in it. Life on the ice covered world became like torture to the boy. It was irrational and it struck fear into his parents, but not nearly as much as where it lead worried them. It started with his refusal to sleep at night, and long periods where he refused to speak. Soon his disobedience grew and he would lash out at them for little or no reason. The odd thing was that the more Krynn did this the quieter the night terrors became, and the better he began to feel.

By the time he was 7 his parents had sent him to school in the hopes of quelling the outbursts, that is where he received the most brutal military training the defense force could offer a youth; specifically geared for rehabilitation of criminal youths to expunge them from the Ascendancy. The school was like a combination samurai dojo and prison camp. Training was intense and often held on the icy surface of the planet to toughen the pupil’s survival instincts. Krynn loved it there.

Taking to his masters, and their teachings, as almost a form of deliverance from his blind rage he found how to focus himself. Found that there was something more important than fear or rage, discipline. That by making your soul hard and using the skills of a soldier that no man, no person, or no thing that would stand against you, its size mattered not. He was his master’s pride accomplishment as he graduated at the age of thirteen, and drafted into the Ascendancy Defense Force.

While with the defense force he was assigned to a mobile patrol group that was assigned to the Ascendancy border with the Nagai and the Tofs. They taught him how to pilot a star fighter and military tactics and skills. He was an excellent pupil. Taking great love of his duty and his work as they kept the people of the Ascendancy safe from any who would dare deal a blow against their great Empire. But it was never enough fro Krynn to defend the people of his nation. He wanted to expand the might of the Ascendancy and bring their glory to bear on those that the Ascendancy saw as a treat. He has been remanded for his brash attitude many times, until the day he went too far.

On his last patrol, Krynn encountered a Nagai transport convoy traveling at sub-light through a vast asteroid field. His orders were to scout the sector and return to report, but something about this day struck him as odd. Something told him that he needed to take these men somewhere. Where, he had no idea, but he had to. So, he fired on the lead ship, and began to depart. The Nagai were enraged and gave chase attempting to destroy him. But as they cleared the asteroid field they beheld a Tof war group performing maneuvers in the field. They immediately opened fire on each other expecting it was a trap laid and orchestrated by the other. It was a bloodbath. Krynn did not escape unscathed in the conflict. Without the cover of the asteroids his fighter was easily hit and almost destroyed. Krynn wired for assistance, but the rest of his squad was ordered not to interfere, and that Krynn had been a fool to get involved. He was left there floating through space.

Luckily, as his craft floated through space and closer to the Galactic core his ship was intercepted, and he was rescued. He knew he should return home. Return to his duties, and his squad even though they had left him, but something kept him from going back. Some instinct or feeling told him that there would one day come a time, but that for now he should reach out and see what else was around him. He yearned for the disciplined life of the ascendancy deeply. He hoped that wherever his journey was headed that he could find something to guide him, and give him purpose.