Kyra Wolfknyght

kyra_avName: Kyra Wolfknyght
Species: Human
Homeworld: New Holstice
Occupation: None (Fugitive)
Age: 25
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 53 kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Marital Status: Single
Family: Kiran Wolfknyght (father, deceased), Asile Wolfknyght (mother, deceased)

With six years of training at the School of Hidden Wisdom, Kyra is well trained in martial skills, to include hand-to-hand and bladed weapon combat. Kyra also has a great command of the Force when it comes to diagnosing illnesses and speeding the healing process of wounded. She is a fair shot with a blaster, but prefers her encounters “up close and personal,” an odd juxtaposition, given her nature as a healer. She has picked up some basic slicing skills over the past ten years as well.

Kyra is Force-sensitive, and has had some training in Jedi techniques, though not enough to even be considered Force-adept. She has been guided out of many sticky situations through her Force sense, and has also been able to employ suggestive powers on occasion.

Kyra typically carries a vibroblade and a hold-out blaster.

Kyra is passionate, whether in combat or tending to a sick child. It is mainly this trait which limits her path towards ever becoming a Jedi, a fact that she is more than comfortable with. She is quick-witted, and more than a little sarcastic in dealing with others, but also carries a healthy sense of paranoia that is the base for all fugitives, and that tends to show through as being cynical at times. She is extremely loyal to those she considers friends, a number throughout the galaxy that she could probably count on one hand.

Born on the hospital world of New Holstice to modestly successful physician parents, young Kyra always looked towards the Jedi monument for inspiration and guidance throughout her early years. The noble sacrifice of those pledged to keep peace and maintain order across the galaxy filled Kyra’s eyes with wonder and her heart with resolve. The unfortunate timing of the beginnings of the manifestation of the Force within her would change her life in ways that she could never have imagined.

It was at the age of nine, cramped into what nearly amounted to the cargo-hold of a single-man shuttle, Kyra found herself on the way to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple, hopefully to begin training. Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik had discovered her while on a courier mission to New Holstice, and bade her parents leave to see if the Jedi Counsel would admit her for training, despite her somewhat advanced age. They would never reach their destination, however, as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi’s warning to disregard the mass recall of all Jedi to Coruscant was relayed to Jedi Jusik in time to prevent certain disaster.

Fearing the worst and unable to contact his master for guidance, Jusik set course for the outer rim, the area of the galaxy quickly becoming home to fugitive Jedi. Their destination – The School of Hidden Wisdom – a dueling academy on the outer rim world of Baltimn. Jusik left Kyra there in the hands of former Padawan Ephaan Kenzon to begin limited training in basic Jedi techniques, with emphasis on melee fighting and physical and mental perfecting techniques. Jusik promised to return as soon as he discovered the fate of his master Arligan Zey. Kyra never saw him again.

While few Jedi found their way to and through the School, Kyra excelled in her studies, becoming a competent melee combatant and displaying exceptional mental accumen. She excelled in the healing arts and soon outstripped her classmates, and her instructors, in ability. Kyra’s training and ultimately her way of life came to a halt when news of her father’s death reached her on Baltimn. Against “Master” Kenzon’s warnings for her safety, Kyra hopped the next supply freighter to try and make her way home. Her trip would be cut short during a resupply stop. The planet was Carida – immensely supportive of the Galactic Empire – home to the Imperial training center, and a pit-stop for Roganda Ismaren. Also known as an Emperor’s Hand.

Through an amazing amount of luck, fifteen year-old Kyra was able to evade capture, ducking into the cargo-hold of another departing freighter just before liftoff. Kyra finally arrived on New Holstice only to discover that her father and mother had been killed during the Imperial effort to take control of the planet. With no more ties to anyone or anything, she has been ducking her way around the galaxy since then, most often trading her healing skills for passage around the outer rim worlds.