Nik K’tik

nik_avName: Nik K’tik
Species: Jawa
Homeworld: Tatooine
Occupation: Scavenger
Age: Indeterminate
Height: 3′ 8″
Weight: 55 lbs.
Hair: Indeterminate
Eyes: Indeterminate (lenses glow Amber)
Marital Status: Single
Family: the N’kit Tik Clan
Ship: The Free Flying Soul

Nik can build anything out of anything given enough time, though don’t expect permanence. Given time the tools he can fix things so they stay fixed, but his main interest is collecting spare bits for sale or later use. He’s a scavenger first, thief second, with mechanic scattered across both. Given his stature and light-footedness, he’s also pretty good at sneaking around and getting into places… and not bad at disabling electronic security systems.

Nik carries and ion gun, a refit droid arm that he uses for picking things up or manipulating things at a distance, and a back-slung haversack full of random spare parts that always seems to contain something useful in a pinch. He keeps a few ki-bashed grenades of various types on him for cover as he’s seeking a good place to disappear into, but he’s not terribly accurate with them.

Nik is an extremely competent scavenger. He’s also a bit of a klutz, utterly over-excitable, and a total coward against anything he can’t ionize… so pretty much anything non-mechanical. He’s accident prone, but seems to have incredibly good luck when it comes to avoiding the damaging side effects of his own nature. As a Jawa, Nik is incapable of speaking Galactic Basic.

The eighth son of the Tik family, of which there were four more born after him, Nik seemed a pretty standard sandcrawler-borne scavenger to those outside of Jawa society. But to most of his own kind, he was a strange one. Nik possessed something that very few of his people own — a sense of ambition – and that made him a bit of a freak among his brothers.

Now, let’s not go crazy or anything… Nik didn’t want to rule the galaxy or even serve as patriarch to his own clan. But he was definitely different from his peers. They were content to scavenge the surface of Tatooine for anything of value that they could get their hands on and the occasional droid that wandered too far from home. Nik wanted more… he wanted to scavenge from all over the galaxy!

So, on his last born-day, Nik hopped a broken down landspeeder and traveled to Mos Espas spaceport to hire himself onto a ship and seek his fortune. He quickly discovered that finding work off-world wasn’t as easy as he expected it to be. All anyone seemed to want him for was acquiring scrap or spares that he already had back at the sandcrawler. So, a bit discouraged, Nik decided to add some stuff to his collection of parts before heading home to forget the whole thing.

How he actually ended up as a passenger on the Corsair Sunrise is an interesting story, however it is also an embarrassing one and not something Nik is fond of sharing. Suffice to say that he did, in fact, become a passenger on an outbound ship and, for the first time in his life, found himself off of the surface of Tatooine. His dream, it appeared, was about to be achieved.

And then, much to Nik’s chagrin, the captain of the Sunrise discovered him onboard. Fleeing into an escape pod, the Jawa launched himself out to the mercy of space. Unfortunately for Nik, space can be pretty merciless. There wasn’t an inhabited system in sight, which left the diminutive creature set for a slow, lonely doom. Luckily for him, a passing star-liner, the Linathi Princess locked onto his pod’s distress beacon and pulled it aboard.

Seeing an opportunity for diplomacy and a chance at a welcome rescue, Nik did what any self-respecting Jawa would do and hid inside of an instrument panel, jury-rigging the electronics to mask his life patterns. Determining that the pod was empty, security passed it on to maintenance, and the maintenance personnel tossed it into storage as potential spare parts. Much like the ship wamprat’s of ancient sailing lore, Nik made the scrapped escape pod, and the star-liner on which it was stored, his home.

Nik has, so far, managed to evade capture, and has become somewhat of an urban myth onboard the vessel. A myth, that is, to all but the most unscrupulous passengers (and some of the casino managers) of the Princess. Those who can find him – and use him – have turned him into a kind of errand boy, acquiring things that they can smuggle off ship or sell to visiting travelers. It’s not quite the life the diminutive Jawa foresaw for himself, but at least it’s not Tatooine.