Tiila Sadi

tiila_avName: Tiila Sadi
Species: Genetic Cross breed Zeltron/Human
Homeworld: Arkania/Nal Hutta
Occupation: Negotiations Assistant to Durga Besadii Tai
Age: 27
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 65.8 kg
Hair: light blue
Eyes: Ice blue
Marital Status: Blissfully available
Family: None

Similar to that of full blooded Zeltrons, Tiila is able to produce pheromones, project emotions, and feel others empathetically. Her genetically engineered difference lies in her ability and willingness to produce negative emotions as well as positive ones. Her other skills lie in the more specialized details in her job as negotiations assistant for Durga.

Tiila enjoys her job very much. It is not so much the act of crime she relishes so much as the thrill involved. She has her wild Zeltron side but has also learned her place beside Durga. She seems to be able to turn the seduction off and on like a switch and can also be a valuable asset in non romantic negotiations. When she uses her abilities to influence negatively, she can be a wicked creature.

After many years of doing research on the Zeltron race, the scientists of Arkania broke the DNA code of this species and were able to splice it with others. Very few combinations were successful but they found that those born with half human DNA showed the unique ability to retain Zeltron influence but access their human nature to bring out emotions that were negative as well as positive. Inside sources leaked this experiment to Aruk the Great of the Besadii clan on Nal Hutta and the Aruk, seeing the unique possibilities, threatened to expose the illegal experiments unless they were given the most promising of the offspring. Reluctantly, the scientists traded a small girl for the Hutt’s secrecy.

On Aruk’s orders a male Zeltron named Siot Chur was captured and served as a nanny, raising the girl and giving her the name Tiila. Siot spent years teaching her to use her abilities, even to his own pain as she reached for those emotions that were shunned on Zeltros. Though he tried not to show it he was disgusted by the negative side of her nature and disappointed by her weaker than normal Zeltron side. Siot was like a brother to Tiila so she tried harder to compensate for her genetic shortcomings.

In the year 5 BBY, Tiila and Siot were given to Aruk’s son Durga to celebrate his age of responsibility. Durga favored Tiila for her feminine appearance and found her a lovely accessory. Seeing Tiila as just another pet, Durga put a shackle around her neck and showed off his fair pink skinned toy, dressing her in bright colors that complimented her unusual skin color. Not even a month later Durga grew tired of of the male Siot and used him in trade with another Hutt.

Desperate to show her worth, she used her abilities to influence Durga’s business partners. As she did this, Durga began finding success and gaining influence among Black Sun. During one particularly fortunate transaction, a business associate noticed the pink creature at Durga’s side and accused him of using a Zeltron to influence negotiations. The next thing the accuser saw was the inside of a rancor pit. Once that business was over, Durga asked Tiila if she had anything to do with his success. When she confessed, he was pleased with his fortune. To avoid any further accusations, Durga ordered her to be dressed in a long over-sized red robe that covered her from head to toe to hide her identity but still enabled her to continue her master’s good fortune.

After a few years, The red robed figure became known as Durga’s negotiations assistant who was always present during business. Depending on the associate, the Besadii entrance into a room would be accompanied with any range of reactions from intense intimidation, calming ease, or friendly familiarity. If the creature ever did speak it was in hushed tones and only to Durga himself. The Hutt found himself further pleased that Tiila turned out to be quite talented at the business end of negotiations as well. Tiila proved further usefulness in getting hard to convince customers to come to terms in special “one on one” negotiation sessions. So valuable was she that Durga gave her a last name that was part of the Besadii clan name itself.