Trey Vullif

trey_avName: Trey Vullif
Species: Human
Homeworld: Soterios, Melantha Provence, Tapani Sector
Occupation: Smuggler, Thief
Age: 31
Height: 1.79 meters
Weight: 74 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver-grey
Marital Status: Single
Family: Dien Vullif (father, possibly deceased) Oros Vullif (grandfather, deceased) Baron Torrik Vullif (great-grandfather, deceased), unnamed uncle.

Trey is adept with escape, security slicing, pickpocketing, disguise and infiltration. While he’s an adequate shot and landspeeder driver, he’s a mediocre pilot at best in both airspeeders and spacecraft. He has very little formal combat training, but his natural agility makes him hard to hit, especially by those of similar training.

Westar-38 Blaster
Pacnorval Defense Systems SIL-50 Stun Blaster
Merr-Sonn Munitions Q2 Holdout Blaster
MerenData Universal Computer Interface

Trey is willful, sometimes mysterious, and usually cheerful. He tends to consider various angles of jobs and situations, but often has a blind spot where damsels-in-distress are involved. He will go out of his way to protect those who can’t defend themselves, but has no problem targeting corrupt or criminal organizations or individuals (an irony he fully appreciates).

The Vullif family once enjoyed the rank of baron among the nobles of the Tapani sector. Torrik Vullif was stripped of his rank by the high lord of House Melantha for alleged dishonorable actions, though Torrik claimed he was being unjustly framed. The loss of rank proved too much for Torrik, who died soon after. His son Oros blamed the nobility of Tapani for his father’s death and devoted himself to relieving the nobles of things they treasured.

Oros’s son Dien continued his father’s mission. He struck at the corrupt aristocracy of the Tapani sector. It was within the Tapani Sector, at the New Melantha spaceport, that Trey was born. He grew up learning the tricks of thievery, studying the art under the expert tutelage of Dien and his cohorts. Trey was in his teens when his father, seeing the emerging Empire as a galaxy-wide mirror of the corruption inherent in the Tapani sector, decided to start preying on the institutions and officials of the Galactic Empire.

Dien Vullif found a great success with his widened scope. With riches enough to fill a bulk freigher, Dien planned retirement after one final score. That heist proved to be quite lucrative, and Dien passed the family business onto his son and vanished.

Late in his career, Dien found himself hounded by Imperial Security Agent Letac Deciffo. With the disappearance of Dein and the beginning of Trey’s career, Agent Deciffo has begun to shift his focus to the younger Vullif.

Trey began a series of heists in the Corporate Sector with the intent of buying a ship and assembling a crew of like-minded individuals. Only time will tell if his venture will be successful.