Ures’vn Bralor

bralor_avName: Ures’vn Bralor, Ures (Null-22, N-22, Lt. Bralor)
Species: Human (Clone)
Homeworld: Kamino
Occupation: Wander
Age: Appears 35
Height: 1.83 meters
Weight: 90 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Family: None

Speaks Mando’a (Mandalorian). Excellent hand to hand combat and melee skills. Highly proficient marksman and tactician. Trained for covert operations and intelligence gathering, he is quite stealthy with a picture perfect memory.

Twin DC-17 repeater hand blasters in holsters, a D’skar, and a vibrodagger.
A set of traditional Mandalorian armor with a dark ocher/rust hue, usually worn under an old cloak

Bralor’s time wandering the galaxy after parting ways with the Imperial Army has found him often in the bottom of a glass or a bottle and sometimes both. To his credit, being drunk has never dulled his ability to get a job done. Unlike many of those who left the army, he is by no means a thug. He can be surprisingly pleasant company with those he knows and respects. As a trained soldier he’s practical and realistic. As a man who’s seen and shed more blood then most he has an undrownable cynicism which is doled out in unshakable sarcasm.

He’s is a Mandalorian; he’ll do what needs to be done. While he prefers an element of surprise, a reason he hides the Mandalorian armor under the cloak, he is not above intimidation when it is called for.

The Kamino’s believed that their first attempts to enhance on Jango Fett’s genes were a failure and the program was all but aborted after the first batch. Even so the resulting Null Advanced Recon Commandos early mission success proved them valuable to the Republic, despite their resistance to command, a second attempt was requested. This time, however, with the war becoming bloodier, they demanded the clones faster. The results were predictable. Of the twelve only 3 survived the altered gestation period, NULL-13, 18, and 22. There was an improvement to the second batch. Not only did the three survive the advanced aging, but after reaching their peak the modified aging process would successfully become dormant, possibly even slowed.

The trio was put through intense, personal training with Cort Davin an ex-Journeyman Protector and one of the Mandalorian Cuy’val Dar, a group put together by Jango Fett to train the clone army. Davin cultivated the group into a force to be reckoned with, teaching them the ways of the Mandalorians, and instilling a sense of honor in them. While the Nulls were not particularly loyal to the Army they were loyal to Davin. They would do their duty, but not without question.

Before long, they would become an elite black ops and intelligence ACR unit for the Galactic Army through the Purge, collecting information and laying the real groundwork for several successful campaigns that would follow across the galaxy. When not on specific assignments, Lt. Bralor and the others were shuffled through several different battalions. They served supplementing where command felt they were best needed including the 91st Recon Corps, the 22nd, the 41st and most often the 501st. This never sat well with the Null officers. The blind loyalty of traditional Clone Troopers (and later Imperial Stormtroopers) never meshed with the Null officers and vice versa. Whereas the Alpha-class ARCs saw the Nulls as an embarrassment and shame to Jango Fett’s legacy of a fully Republic-loyal clone army, the Nulls viewed the Alpha-class ARCs as even more stubborn than Jango and often referred to Alpha-class ARCs as “ordinary” ARC troopers.

In 11BBY, N-22 and his team infiltrated and uncovered a resistance plot on Kamino. A small group of Kaminoans, resentful of the Empire’s presence, had grown an army of clone troopers to use in order to fight against their oppressors. Upon receiving this information, the Empire readied an attack. Bralor and the other Nulls were placed back into the 501st which, lead by Boba Fett, launched a bloody assault on the facility. In the end the 501st secured the victory, and any all of the resistance army was put down and Kamino was put under full Imperial rule once again. But the experience, which saw the death of his brother Null-13, left Lt. Bralor disillusioned with the Empire and its army and he left it.

Since then, Ures’vn Bralor has been wandering the galaxy.