The Sandman

The Sandman
Name: Wesley Bernard “Wes” Dodds


Wesley Dodds was born to wealthy industrialist and investor Edward Dodds and his wife Marina. When his mother died soon after, Wesley was sent to a number of boarding schools before he and his brother Gerald joined their father in Europe after the end of the First World War. Heeding the advice of a fortuneteller(!), Edward sent Wes to live abroad, mostly with people heading up various of Dodds’s business interests in the Far East. There, Wesley soaked up the Oriental wisdom and lifestyle, learning to speak several languages, and honing his body through various ascetic arts, including Yoga. It was there that he also learned the art of origami

Concluding his schooling in America, Wesley graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Princeton with degrees in Business and Chemistry. Wesley briefly returned to the Far East until the passing of the elder Dodds. With the death of his father, Wesley returned to the States, assuming the role of manager of a vast estate and an investor in his own right.

Attending a charity ball at the request of one of his father’s old friends, Judge Thomas Schaeffer, Wesley was introduced to District Attorney Lawrence Belmont and his young, headstrong daughter Dian. The young pair fell into an easy friendship that has matured into a closer relationship, though Dian’s unrelenting curiosity has kept Wesley on his toes.

While in the Far East, Wesley became plagued by extremely vivid dreams that would not allow him rest, persisting with his return stateside. In these strange and disturbing nightmares he saw visions of grave injustice and, occasionally, prophetic flashes. Inspired by the man in the strange helmet that he had seen in his dreams, Wesley purchased a number of gas masks and used his fortune to finance and develop a special sedative gas that was both a truth serum and a narcoleptic agent, and the delivery system in the form of a gas gun.

Donning the gas gun, a suit and cloak, and one of the masks, he then set up a new identity righting wrongs as The Sandman, investigating the crimes that haunted his dark dreams.

Powers & Abilities:

In his civilian life, Wesley’s financial wealth aid him in being able to apply himself where needed, in whatever social circles he needs to circulate. His travels have presented him with the capacity to speak several languages, an appreciation for ascetic wisdom and lifestyle, and an understated, cosmopolitan shrewdness.

The Sandman is a disciple of many Far Eastern techniques and disciplines, including karate, judo, and Yoga. He is an accomplished detective, a skill greatly aided by his unique gift (see below).

At times in his career, the Sandman has employed a “wirepoon”, a small harpoon gun that serves as a grapnel and line. He has also equipped himself with protective body armor, from a basic policeman’s vest to plates capable of deflecting an ax blow. The Sandman has employed various sundry eavesdropping devices as well, from a stethoscope, to hidden microphones, to a police band radio.

Primary among his arsenal, however, is his gas gun (holstered with a lanyard), which projects a spray of green gas that incapacitates and renders its victims open to suggestion. The Sandman is himself immune to the effects of the gas via a functional gas mask that is part of his costume and effectively conceals his identity. The gas can serve to both delve information, since no one can lie under its effects, and as a means of obfuscation.

The Sandman is plagued by dreams that alert him to crimes and injustices, and occasionally provide precognitive visions. These dreams are seldom clear, filled with vague symbolism and allegory, though the Sandman is typically inspired to success by these elements.