The Flash

The Flash
Name: Jason Peter Garrick
Nickname: Jay

Powers and Equipment:

The Flash is known as “the fastest man alive,” and has so far proven to be worthy of the title. Jay is capable of running at incredible speeds, pushing to the speed of sound when necessary. His reaction time and reflexes are similarly enhanced, allowing him to perform feats such as catching bullets. When running, the Flash emanates a kind of “friction-less aura” that protects his clothing and things (or people) that he is carrying from suffering the rigors of unprotected movement at high speeds.

Jay wears a dish-like helmet, based on that seen to be worn by the Roman god Mercury. In addition to the tasks attributed to a normal hat, the Flash’s helmet is bullet-proof and can be used as an erstwhile shield. It is well-balanced, and can be thrown in a manner similar to a discus.


Jay Garrick was a bit of a bookworm who dreamed of being something more. While attending Keystone City College, he excelled at chemistry and the physical sciences. One night, while working late on a project involving an experimental form of hard water, Jay succumbed to sleep. While sleeping, he accidentally knocked over the experiment, and spent the remainder of the night breathing the vapors of the liquids that had spilled across his lab table.

The next morning, Jay found that he had the ability to move at incredible speeds. Recognizing that he finally had a chance to break away from his bookworm image, Jay began using small applications of his powers to gain popularity and renown, eventually rising to recognition as the star player of the KCC Lightning football team. It seemed like things were finally turning around for Jason Garrick.

But things really turned around in the final weeks of his senior year at KCC. While hanging out with some of his friends from the team, Jay had an argument with his girlfriend Joan Williams, daughter of a decorated Keystone native, Army Major Arthur Williams. After watching her leave in a huff, Jay decided to pursue Joan and apologize for the insensitive things he’d said.

Easily catching up to her, Jay was surprised to find her facing down a masked man with a gun. He watched in horror as Joan refused to give up her purse, and the gunman fired at her chest. The world slowed down. Like a flash of lightning, Jay rushed forward, caught the bullets, and threw a high-speed punch at her assailant. The battle was over before it could begin. Joan, having witnessed the whole thing, ran off in shock.

Jay didn’t follow Joan, shocked himself at his own actions. Watching her leave, he began to realize what a fool he’d been to abuse the talents he’d been given on fame and popularity. That night, Jay made a vow to himself to use his powers to protect the innocent and help bring criminals, like the one who had assaulted Joan, to justice.

Reaching Joan’s house before she did, he apologized to her and told her of his new mission. Seeing the realization in his eyes, she forgave him and helped him to design a uniform to serve as a symbol of his crusade. Over the course of the next week, the Flash was born.


The Flash’s true identity isn’t exactly a secret. Jay doesn’t wear a mask, and having been a bit of a local celebrity, he does get recognized. The majority of Keystone City, however, is close-lipped about the true identity of their protector. To protect his identity from the populace at large, Jay keeps his body in a state of constant vibration while in costume, causing photographs taken of him to look blurry and indistinct.

Now a college graduate working as a research scientist in Keystone City, the “blue collar capital of the world,” Jay is still dating Joan Williams and doing his best to balance the two lives he lives.