(The) Lobster Johnson

Lobster Johnson
Name: unknown
Nickname: The Lobster, The Lobster’s Claw

“Beware my claw, for I’ve come to inflict justice!”

Powers and Equipment:

Lobster Johnson has the strength of a man determined to deliver justice. While he cannot lift a car, he can take considerable amounts of punishment and still get up and deliver it right back. He carries a Colt .45 as well as several smoke canisters and grenades on his belt.

The “Lobster’s Claw” marked in the palm of his left hand is burned into is victims by pressing on their foreheads. It is unknown if this is mechanical or supernatural.


History tells Lobster Johnson as a hero in a colorful pulp serials and comics fighting for justice with a wry smile and fists of justice, a work of fiction. While the truth is shrouded in mystery, the real Lobster Johnson is much removed from his celluloid counter part.
Not much is known about him. Not his true name, not where he came from. Even his closest of associates have never seen him without at least his goggles. What is known is his reputation for violence. The Lobster’s Claw has been found burned into the forehead of many a dead mobster. The scale of Lobster Johnson’s war has no measure. He has fought everything from organized crime to paranormal threats of a global level, not stopping until he’s standing over a body. He has at times been employed by the United States government to act as an independent agent. To that end, Johnson began battling the Nazi’s in the early 1930’s