The Question

The Question
Name: Vic Sage/Charles Victor Szasz
Nickname: Vic, Charlie

Powers and Equipment:

Vic Sage is a superior Martial artist trained by Richard Dragon. He is a skilled detective driven by an insatiable curiosity. He has also shown the ability to perceive a mystical shadow realm. His connection to the shadow world seems to have given him some edge; for example he can now deflect bullets with a butcher knife and hurl objects with deadly accuracy. Finally, the Question can seemingly communicate with a city, acting as a kind of “urban shaman”.

The Question’s mask is made from Pseudoderm, a substance made by Doctor Aristotle Rodor for humanitarian purposes. The Question’s specialized belt-buckle releases a gas that binds his mask and temporarily recolors his garb.


Based in Hub City, Vic Sage made his mark as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist with a reputation for obnoxiousness. Not long after starting his radio show, he began to investigate Dr. Arby Twain.

Sage was approached by his former professor, scientist Aristotle Rodor, who told Sage about an artificial skin he had co-developed with Dr. Twain called Pseudoderm. Pseudoderm was intended to work as an applied skin-like bandage with the help of a bonding gas, but it had an unforeseen toxicity which was sometimes fatal when applied to open wounds. Rodor and Twain agreed to abandon the project and parted ways, but Professor Rodor discovered that Dr. Twain had decided to proceed with an illegal sale of the invention to Third World nations, regardless of the risk to human health.
Sage resolved to stop him but had no way of going after Dr. Twain without exposing himself. Rodor suggested that Sage use a mask made of Pseudoderm to cover his famous features. Armed with information, and more importantly a disguise, Sage eventually caught up with Dr. Twain, stopping the transaction and extracting a confession, and then leaving Twain bound in Pseudoderm in an ironic twist. Over the radio airwaves, Sage reported on Dr. Twain’s illegal activities.

Sage decided that this new identity, partially inspired by The Spirit, would be useful for future investigations, and partnered with Professor Rodor, who supplied the Pseudoderm and eventually modified the bonding gas to change the color of Sage’s hair and clothing. The two men became good friends, with Sage affectionately referring to Rodor as “Tot.”