The Saint

How Simon Templar Came to America and His Activities Before

The man known as The Saint had operated primarily in Europe until recently, excepting a brief stint in 1935 when he visited New York. His activities were many and varied. ‘Tho his real identity remained unknown for some time, he, with the assistance of four accomplices, was the self-appointed agent for harassing criminals against whom no evidence could be mustered by the authorities.

He was instrumental in the apprehension and arrest of several criminals, including the members of a drug ring. Other criminals were not no lucky, as they were dispatched, allegedly by Mr. Templar. His one foray into North America at this time proved to bring about the elimination of a criminal mastermind known as “The Big Fellow”.

His exploits as mentioned and many omitted have also brought Simon Templar considerable wealth, estimated to be in the range of £500,000, as he feels no compunction against taking boodle from the coffers of the ungodly.

Recently, the attentions of one Chief Inspector Claude Eustace Teal of Scotland Yard in London have made conditions in England counterproductive to Templar’s activities. He hopes to not have the same problems with Inspector John Fernack of the NYPD, whom he gained the acquaintance of on his previous visit to New York City.

Templar, according to Inspector Teal’s files, is in his mid-30s, standing 6 ft. 2 ins. tall and weighing about 12 and 1/2 st. His eyes are brilliant blue, his hair black and brushed straight back. He has a bullet scar in his upper left shoulder and an eight inch scar on his left forearm.

Always immaculately dressed, The Saint has luxurious tastes in his lodgings, his food, and his drink. He is an expert air pilot, speaks several languages, is competent with a pistol and an expert with thrown knives.

His calling card, often left at crime scenes, is a stick figure whose head is encircled by a halo.

Frequently, Templar will utilize aliases such as “Sebastian Tombes”