Artemis (II)

artemis-bioName: Artemis (II)

Secret Identity: Diana Queen

Age – 16
Height – 5′ 4″
Weight – 133 lbs
Hair – Black
Eyes – Green
Build – Lean and athletic.


A bit of a sci-fi geek, Diana a relatively normal, bright and ambitious young woman with a sharp sense of humor. She somehow manages to wield her mother’s cool head with her father’s temper. She may not always be successful, but more often than not she can keep it in check. In many ways, the truth is that Diana is afraid of what may happen if she lets go. She loves what she does and it shows.


Dee possesses the same metagene as her mother that gives her a potent sonic attack or “canary cry”, able to damage and stun foes or objects. Her scream is able to shatter metal. She possesses an incredible level of control over her vocal cords. This could enable her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires, even developing several abilities such as disruption, sound cancellation, and the ability to induce sleep.

With two of the most skilled martial arts combatants that the world has known in her mother and her brother Connor plus Ted Grant, the worlds greatest pugilist, as practically a grandfather, one wouldn’t be surprised Diana is one hell of a fighter. She’s learned the best of both worlds, when you need to use your finesse and when you simply need to clock someone. She has studies heavily in the Dragon Kung Fu, Leopard Kung Fu, Judo, Capoeira, Kokusho, Savate, Karate, Aikido and Stick Fighting.

Having focused heavily on the mantle of her father, Dee has developed into the greatest archer of her age and has the potential to rival even her father’s skill with the bow. Artemis has been able to knock and fire up to 4 arrows simultaneously and land them square on their bulls-eyes. She has also developed great skill with other projectile weapons, particularly those thrown by hand, shurikens and throwing knives for example. While handy enough with guns (and the smaller the better), she really dislikes using them. She prefers the tactile feel of being a part of her weapons.


Artemis’s costume is heavily modeled on her brother Connor’s design – complete with hood and tie on mask, with a black nano_kevlar weave accenting the green. It zips up the front, much in the way her mother’s Canary costumes often did.

She carries a custom made bow, handed down to her by her brother and a quiver of standard wooden arrows with a 75 cm to 90 cm shaft, steel heads and plastic fletching. Though she’s following in her father’s footsteps, she hasn’t really picked up the trick arrows like Ollie did. She has, however, found herself in several situations where they came in handy and has started to carry a few: electric/shocker, flare, flash grenade, glue, and smoke.

Artemis also carries a stash of throwing knives hidden in her boot and shurikens stashed in a hidden compartment in the bottom of her quiver.


There has been a lot of tumult and struggle in the history between Dinah Lance and her long-time love, Oliver Queen. She turned her back on him many times throughout their years but always came back to him and eventually the pair married. Even married their road was never a smooth one, but they always found a way to make it work. But after Prometheus’s attack on Star City and the resulting death of his Granddaughter Lian, Green Arrow crossed a line that Dinah could not ignore. He murdered Prometheus.

The two separated. Green Arrow became an outlaw, going underground. Dinah carried on, initially falling back into place with Oracle and the Birds of Prey, but she soon found out she was pregnant. Pregnancy and motherhood gave Black Canary the opportunity to allow heroing business to take a back seat. She focused on rebuilding Sherwood Florist and upon her daughter.

But that world was never far from The Lance home. Diana’s half-brother, Connor, and her other brother, Roy, remained quite active and both served often with the Justice League. With the heroic idea of Legacies so close to the family and her own struggles with her mother, Dinah never fought the idea that her daughter would want that life, but she never forced her into it. She didn’t need to. Diana seized every opportunity made available to her. From the moment she was able, she was spending nearly every evening and weekend available at the JSA Brownstone. Often her academic studies would take a back-seat to sparring with Connor or Grandpa Ted.

Eventually, after some long discussions with Connor and Roy, Dinah had a talk with her daughter. If this was what she wanted she would have all the help available to her, but she had to balance this life with a well rounded life. She had to focus more on her school and keep her grades up. As long as she did, Diana would get all the guidance that the community could provide.

With an absent and famous father, whom her mother still loved dearly, Diana was fascinated with Green Arrow. Her mother never lamented upon what had happened to “Green Arrow” or how he had fallen into darkness. She only really spoke of the man she loved. Perhaps it was because of this that , though she loved her mother, she wanted to honor her father as the man her mother always talked about.

Diana had never met her father until she had started high school. He came to her late at night and brought her out to the strange forest at the center of Star City. There she learned what her father had become. His eyes showed his aches, the pains of his life apart. His company wasn’t all that much better. Long ago, and at Black Canary’s request, Shiva Woosan had joined him ironically to keep him alive. The pair had been waging a ruthless and bloody war against the crime not just in the his city, but wherever they were needed.

Oliver told his daughter how he had been watching her grow up from afar. He was proud of the young woman she was becoming. She had so much potential. He could see the spark of the man he used to be. She begged him to come home with her, but he wouldn’t. It was too late for him. He wanted her, begged her, to grow up as the hero that he should have been. And to do so the pair trained Dee for several months, sneaking her out of the house a few nights a week at random. And then, without notice, he stopped coming.

Going out on patrol with her brother, Connor, he noted her improved skills both as a fighter and as an archer. He has said that it is probably due to the natural talents she has inherited from her parents, but she knows he suspects something else and is simply keeping it to himself. To this day, Artemis worries about her father, what had become of him, if he was still alive.

Several years back she adopted a stray dog that used to eat out of the garbage in the alley behind the JSA Brownstone. Dubbed Pan, the half German shepherd, half god knows what has become a near constant companion to the girl and often accompanies her on her nights out.