Blue Beetle (IV)

bb-bioName: Blue Beetle

Secret Identity: Garrett Daniels… or is it? (Cillian Devlin), Rett

Age – 17
Height – 5’8″
Weight – 155 lbs
Hair – Auburn Bleached to Blonde with blue dyed tips
Eyes – Blue
Build – Wiry
Defining Characteristics – a scar across his chest, over his heart and blue circuits spread out from that line


Rett is smart and he knows it. He is often flirtatious, especially with his female team members, but will go into big brother mode in a moment’s notice. He is good-natured and friendly and seems to never take things seriously, but that is because he has often already thought far enough ahead to have thought of every possible solution.


If you can imagine it he can make it happen.


Genius level intelligence. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering (PhD), Physics (PhD), Law (master level), Women’s Studies (bachelor level). He is the master of improvising any equipment he needs to get the job done, or that would get him and his friends out of a jam.


Even with the scarab in his chest, the boy’s health isn’t the best. He is limited in strength and endurance and tires easily. He sometimes over thinks things and over uses logic, not accounting for a human element.


Eamonn and Roisin Devlin met in school together. They were both the top of their class in their respected fields at Cambridge University and no one could deny the chemistry between the two as they became inseparable. It would have been impossible for them to have been compatible with anyone else, only they could understand each other. They moved to America to extend the possibilities of their genius. Fought over by the scientific community, they moved around a lot until finally settling in Washington DC. As what often happens when those in love settle down, they soon welcomed a baby girl, naming her Siobhan.

Like her parents, Siobhan proved to be brilliant and excelled in her studies. Her parents encouraged her and she was the perfect child. Pleased with their accomplished daughter, they produced another offspring, this one a boy they named Cillian. Shortly after he was born, his sister graduated from high school at the age of eight and began to pursue a degree in law. Cillian was as different from his sister as two children could be, save for their shared brilliance. Cillian was childish, unmotivated, and easily distractable but he still flew through school. From a young age, the boy was sick. He had a weak heart and his immune system was faulty. He used his sense of humor and care-free attitude to mask his weakness and illness.

Graduating at twelve, he was encouraged into law like his sister though that was not where his passion lay. Walking across the stage to receive his bachelors in Law, Cillian collapsed. His heart had given out. The boy was rushed to a hospital and underwent emergency surgery. His heart was connected to an electrical impulse. It was a good enough for a temporary fix but would never work in the long run.

Overcome with the parental need to save their son, his parents came up with a plan to fix their boy. His father applied for a position at the S.T.A.R lab facility located in New York to find some kind of technology to save him. Within a month, Eamonn had discovered the Scarab and knew he would be able to integrate it with his wife’s technology to restore Cillian’s heart. In a secret mission, Cillian’s father snuck into the Scarab’s holding facility and stole it. That night, his mother combined it with her own cardiac innovations and the scarab was inserted over Cil’s heart, wrapped in circuits to regulate the beat.

Eamonn was a genius engineer but not a genius criminal. He was soon discovered as the thief and his mother a conspirator. As they were imprisoned, Cillian used his newly achieved Masters degree in Law to legally emancipate himself from his parents at the age of fifteen, rather than be under his sister’s custody. As he grew older, he focused on studies that were of more interest to him, achieving a masters in Mechanical Engineering and bachelors in both Physics and Womens’ Studies. As he grew older, the pain in his chest remained, a network of circuits and wires working their way slowly from the scar in his chest.