Hawkgirl (III)

hg-bioName: Erin Hal

Secret Identity: Hawkgirl

Age – 16
Height – 5’6
Weight – 125lbs
Hair – Long Black with electric blue streaks in it
Eyes – Green
Build – Athletic but slender


Much like her mother, Shayera Hal, Erin has a fiery temper that sometimes gets her into more messes than it helps her out of. She’d always been the “Kick his butt first, and ask questions when or if he regains consciousness later” . Which, suffice it to say, hasn’t always made it easy for her to make friends right away, so she’s been trying to work on taming her temper more. And so, she’s a bit of an introvert, liking darker colors and themes, though secretly she likes the lighter and prettier things also.


She has the inherited ability to fly, with wings like those of her mother and people of Thanagar, she is able to fly high and far, but not for great distances yet, due to a childhood injury. Building endurance is one of her goals. She also has superhuman strength, stamina , and agility and she’s very birdlike with most of her senses such as perceiving threats and enhanced eyesight and even hearing.


Not yet a very strong flyer Erin cannot fly over great distances. She is still learning to fight and to use her mother’s weapon of choice, the Mace, as her own but wishes to find her own weapon to call hers. She has a rather low opinion of herself because of her temper and so is easily given in to a feeling of defeat when it comes to interpersonal relationships.


Raised solely by her mother, Erin never knew who her father was, except that her mother loved him and that he was a great man. Other than that, the young Thanagarian knew, and still knows, nothing of him.

From a young age her mother has taught her about her people, about their strengths and more importantly about their weaknesses and the history of both victory and defeat they have suffered throughout the galaxies.

Her wings were something that immediately set her apart from any other child around her and so she was often shunned and ignored while growing up. It led to her feeling resentment and anger at all those children and from the age of six years old started getting into terrible fights. It got so bad that her mother had to pull her from school and teach her privately to protect her and hopefully tame her before trying a more public setting again. While she had been pulled at the age of ten years old it wasn’t before a larger boy, a rather mean bully, had broken one of her fragile and still developing wings. The healing and therapy had been near excruciating for the young girl, leaving her left wing with a constant ache and weak feeling.

Her anger didn’t seem to come under control very well and though her mother had taken the chance to put her back in a public school, she still lashed out, if not physical than verbally as well. She wanted nothing more than a chance to be accepted without ridicule and ignorance.

At times, when alone, she wondered if her father, if he was even still alive, would be able to help her with herself control where her mother wasn’t able to.