requiem-bioName: Requiem

Secret Identity: Robert (Long) Troy

Height – 5’11”
Weight – 165 lbs
Hair – Ginger
Eyes – Green
Build – Slim build


Robert is not a naturally social animal. Raised alone, rescued, and trained among “alien” humans, his ability to interact with normal people is limited at best. This causes him to feel isolated, resulting in a quiet, shy, and often morose young man. He is also well aware of his own “destiny,” which can cause him to be pessimistic and downright defeatist at times. When in solitude, though, his attitude is much more meditative, and he spends a great deal of time looking inward and trying to control his dark side.


Thanks to his two tutors, Raven and Dark Angel, Robert has access to Azerothian shadow magic and Amazonian oracular magic. He rarely uses the latter, especially for precognition, because it always seems to show him doom and gloom, usually at his own hand. He tends to rely on those abilities primarily for their sensory gives and farseeing.

He is much more comfortable with his Azerothian sorceries: manipulating darkness, empathy, telekinesis, teleportation, flight, and associated abilities. Unlike Raven, he does not possess a “soul self,” as that ability was inborn due to her father’s identity. (These powers are similar to the version of Raven seen in the “Teen Titans” cartoon.)

In addition to his “specializations,” Robert is capable of more powerful “ritual” magic, though this often takes time, research, tomes, and other ingredients, and isn’t something he can just fling on the fly.

Being half-Amazonian, Robert is a lot hardier than he looks. He’s not superhumanly strong or fast, but his stamina and perception border on the limits of human ability. He’s intelligent, being raised to be intuitive and knowledgeable about a great many subjects, including the politics, tactics, and other subjects necessary for a would-be world dictator.


Robert’s greatest weakness is his own dark side. He was born to be an all-powerful tyrant, and his magic is a lot more powerful than he allows himself to access on a regular basis. Black magic is not unknown to him, and he is in a constant struggle against the evil he perceives within himself.


As an infant, Robert Troy was killed in a tragic car accident. Donna Troy never got over the loss of her son, and was distraught to discover that his corpse had been reconstituted and reanimated by the entity known as Nekron during the crisis of the Blackest Night. When the white avatar of Life, the Entity, defeated Nekron and was released from its earthly prison, it resurrected a number of heroes and villains… including the infant Robert. The child’s status as a living being, however, was not revealed to his mother for many years, because mother and child were not properly reunited.

Robert was found and abducted by an evil alternate-universe version of his mother known as the Dark Angel. He was secreted away to a pocket dimension outside of time by his mystical kidnapper and raised for over a decade. Dark Angel hoped to groom him into the powers of godhood that she believed would one day be his. During her travels with a rogue Monitor during the days before the “Final Crisis”, a glimpse of a forgotten and erased future linked to a forgotten and erased past led her to believe that he would grow up to kill his mother and assume the mantle of the world-conquering Lord Chaos.

Unfortunately for Dark Angel, the Oracle of Themyscira discovered Robert’s existence and informed his mother. Donna, working with her “sister” Cassie and her friend Raven, crossed into the demonic pocket dimension and rescued Robert. Recognizing the darkness within the child, his twisted upbringing, and his dark destiny, Raven offered to take him to Azerath to train him to control both his powers and his dark side. Tearfully, Donna agreed to have her son taken from her once more until a time when he could return to her whole and in control.

Raven did her best to teach Robert and to save him from the evil purpose to which he’d been groomed. Understanding the weight of his doom-said destiny more than perhaps anyone else could, she groomed him for the life of a hero, to seek redemption for crimes he had not yet committed, to surround himself with friends who would keep him on the right path, and to ensure that there were people who could stop him if his destiny were to become fulfilled. Sorry in her own way for giving up the child she’d come to love as her own, after five years of training Raven returned Robert to his mother.

Raven disappeared after Donna and Robert were reunited and has not been seen since. Robert, with his mother’s blessing and understanding, created a uniform for himself and set out on his path to redemption.