Starman (VIII)

star-bioName: Starman

Secret Identity: Kyle Theo Knight

Height – 5’7”
Weight – 152 lbs
Hair – Black
Eyes – Hazel
Build – Very lean but athletic
Defining Characteristics – Kyle has a large tribal swirling design tattooed on his right arm and part of his chest. He also has the names: Ted Knight, Charles McNider, Mikaal Tomas, Gavyn, Will Payton, David Knight, Jack Knight, Courtney Whitmore and Thom Kallor tattooed along his back.


On the surface Kyle is your typical snarky rebellious youth; living to shock, annoy and disappoint. Not taking anything seriously, deflecting all troubles or concerns with his ever-present acerbic humour and sarcastic wit. This is however in reality a defence mechanism, masking a highly sensitive soul. His sensitivity comes at the price of a vicious temper. He may pretend to be callous and mean-spirited but he is actually highly attached to his friends and is highly protective of them.


Kyle possesses the normal human strength of a teenager who semi-regularly engages in moderate physical exercise. He has some training in mixed martial arts and self defence.

Kyle’s only true “power” is his gift of second sight. Inherited from his father, Kyle’s gift is of a much greater level. He has incredible intuition, and a sense of danger. He is prone to visions of the past, present and future; usually having to do with his own life or the lives of those close to him. He is trained in the use of tarot cards and has proven to be very accurate. But by far the greatest aspect of this power is his ability to see and communicate with the dead, especially the souls of deceased relatives.

Kyle’s most prized possession and greatest weapon is his cosmic staff. The cosmic staff is a highly advanced piece of technology that grants Kyle powers including rapid flight, levitation of objects, and energy manipulation. The staff absorbs stellar energy, which can then be manipulated into defensive force fields, and offensive energy blasts of incredible power. The staff is “attuned” to Kyle and is able to receive his mental commands from a distance.

Kyle also possesses one of his grandfather’s original gravity rods; smaller and less powerful than the Cosmic Staff, but still very effective as a backup weapon and he carries it on his person at all times, even in civilian mode.


Without his cosmic staff and gravity rod, Kyle is merely human and can be maimed or killed as such.

Also Kyle’s second sight is also not entirely under his control. It can be a distraction just as much as a boon; his visions often leading and misleading him instead of the other way around. His rapport with the deceased also leaves him highly open for influence from the beyond or even possession.


Kyle is the product of his late biological mother’s (the second villain known as the Mist) sexual assault on his father (the seventh Starman). With him in tow his mother went on to become an international criminal and murderer only to be murdered herself by her own father (the first Mist) he thus was ushered into his father’s custody soon to be joined by a stepmother in the form of Jayne “Sadie” Payton and a younger half-sister Paige. Fearing for her family’s safety Sadie had them living in San Francisco away from most of their colleagues in the super-community but eventual Jack’s homesickness won out the family moved back to the east coast.

In his childhood Kyle felt like an outsider, like he just wasn’t like everyone else; he would talk to his late Uncle David and Grandfather Ted often and see their great battles play out before his eyes and his eyes alone. The more he grew the more he embraced this feeling of being different, instead of railing against it. He sought to rebel against the world and play by his own personal rules. The only problem with this is that his parents were unshakable. At age twelve he shaved off all his hair, nothing, he threatened to get a tattoo, Jack offered to pay for it, he came out as gay, and they asked him to pass the mashed potatoes.

It was through his grandfather’s artful hands that he was finally able to do something that his parents did not approve of. He had always listened dutifully as his grandfather’s spirit went on about his inventions, and science and so forth; trying in vain to encourage Kyle into following suit. One day however, halfway between dreaming and waking his found himself in the basement where all of his grandfather’s old things were kept and he had somehow begun to piece some of his grandfather’s old inventions into a new cosmic staff. Having no memory of doing this he hid the half finished staff only to find it completed, once more without his knowledge, and left under his bed.

While he was uncomfortable with the level of influence his grandfather’s soul seemed to be able to assert over him, he was however pleased with the end results. At first he did it in secret, testing the new staff’s limits but word soon spread of the new Starman patrolling the city streets. His parents confronted him and told him to stop, of course this only made Kyle want to do it more. A family pow wow with Kyle, Jack and the spirits of David and Ted led to Kyle getting hesitant permission to continue his activities but only if he took self defense courses and trained with “aunts” and “uncles” in the super-community. Kyle grinned his cat ate the canary grin and took to the skies; now the official heir to the long legacy of Starman.