Teen Lantern

TL-bioName: Teen Lantern

Secret Identity: Scott Harold Rayner, Scotty

Age – 16
Height – 5’11”
Weight – 158 lbs
Hair – Dark green
Eyes – Green
Build – Medium build


Easy going, with an occasionally goofy sense of humor. Not particulary studious, but his B- average gets him through school.


When using his ring, Scott can do many things that a normal human cannot like fly, create solid light constructs, forcefields, and anything the ring and his imagination will allow him to do. Without the ring, Scott becomes green fire in human form.


Like his mother and grandfather, TL’s powers are not effective against anything made of wood. Also, without his ring, Scott tends to revert to an energy being of green flame (think green Human Torch) which starts to dissipate. Twenty-Four hours without the ring will lead to a complete dispersal of his substance.


he son of Kyle Rayner and Jenni Lynn-Hayden, Scott Harold Rayner was born in the usual way and appeared perfectly normal, save for the dark green hair. He grew up as normally as a kid can when his mother is a supermodel superhero, his father is a superhero space cop, one grandfather is a CIA agent who has dropped off the face of the Earth, the other is one of the Golden Age’s most powerful heroes and his grandmother one of his grandfather’s foes.

But as Scott neared his tenth birthday, he began to have strange episodes. Occasionally his eyes would glow. Soon the problem became more severe, as he would become enveloped in green flame.

Scott went through extensive testing at the hands of Michael Holt and Pietor Cross, who eventually determined that he was slowly being transformed into an entity of energy, a mixture of Ion power and the Starheart.

His condition only subsided when he was near his grandfather Alan, or more specifically, Alan’s magical ring. So taking a page from the Guardians of the Universe, Alan used his lantern to make a second ring. Placing it on Scott’s finger stabilized his powers and he returned to human form.

Discovering that with the ring on his finger he could channel the energy within him to fly, create solid energy constructs and shoot energy blasts like his Grandpa Alan and both his parents, he started sneaking out and fighting crime as the Teen Lantern.