velocity-bioName: Velocity

Secret Identity: Lillian Allen

Height – 5′ 3″
Hair – Silver/white
Eyes – Gold
Build – Petite/Runner


Despite the intensity of motion and the speed all around her, Lilly is a fairly serene young woman. A painter and lover of art, she has a very calming air around her.


Lilly’s primary power is super speed and with it the abilities that are common to the speedsters in her family. She inherited her father’s talent for remembering information, though she’d much rather paint than read. While it appears that she was not born with her mother’s gift of precognition, she was trained extensively to ‘slow down’ and focus on the fight.


Lilly has an extremely high metabolism due to her speed. The more she uses her powers the more she has to eat. If she doesn’t then the energy she expends at super speed will cause her to crash and crash hard into something like a diabetic coma, until her body recovers.


Sometimes the most unlikely pairings are the ones that last. With the Titans back together after Brightest Day, they crossed paths with, and were eventually rejoined by, Ravager. As a member of a team once again, Rose found herself frequently in the company of Bart Allen. Despite the constant arguments, or perhaps because of them, a spark was growing, though neither party would ever have admitted to it until the day Raven told them to “give it up”.

Surprising themselves, and mirroring a future that never happened, Rose and Bart soon found their way into a strangely healthy relationship. The arguments continued, but more often than not they were more for fun or a convenient excuse to get to the ‘making up’ part. The relationship continued along normal lines and, in the course of time, the proud pair welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Though her mother was not the most nurturing individual, Lilly grew up happy and content. She endured the near constant training and her mother’s need to prepare her for anything with the same gentle acceptance that she saved for the more mundane moments of school. A naturally bright child, her father and teachers all breathed a sigh of relief to find that she had not inherited her mother’s temper.

Instead, Lilly seemed to develop an almost zen-like attitude about most things in her life. She trained, and studied, and trained some more. But, unsurprisingly, her favorite thing in the world was to go running with her father. She loved the wind in her hair… and the fact that her father would get her out of training sessions to race to famous museums around the world. This inspired a love of art and a desire to be a painter, in her spare time.

But, despite the aromatherapy and yoga classes, there was really no question whether she’d follow in her parents’ footsteps.