The Secret Circle – Night’s Black Agents 1.2

Joan was making Jay his first home-cooked meal in a week. He’d been looking forward to her cooking since she made the offer two days ago. A man as who sees the world at high speed tends to have little patience when he’s anticipating something. The fact that these bozos were making him late wasn’t exactly improving his mood.

Jimmie Dane didn’t know Jay was the Flash. Still, though, they were friends, so it was only natural for the silver miner to tell his buddy when bars of precious metal began to turn up missing. Add to that Jay’s interest in the recent appearance of 1936 silver Peace Dollars all over Keystone City, a coin that the Government stopped minting in 1935, and it led to one conclusion: counterfeiters.

Jay saw the connection, and figured that one of Dane’s co-workers must be ...

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The Secret Circle – Night’s Black Agents 1.1

IT began, as always, with a terrible Dream.

Ia-ai laaa ia.

There stood alone in a vast, glassy sea a great city, an island in colossal desolation, dark, cyclopean spires of glass and steel rising to disappear into a grayish haze. Below the pall, a great horde of people cavorted, packed and pressed so tightly as to resemble a singular squirming and undulating organism, mewling in a sickening chorus that echoed to the distant horizons.

Ia-ai laaa ia.

Parts of the constructs crumbled, ill constructed pieces falling away into the crowd. But with each collapse the swarm surged, lapping against the spires, pushing them up out of the very earth to rise higher and higher.

Ia-ai laaa ia.

At once, the pall fell away and the spires resolved into the massive limbs of grotesque giants...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.38

artemis-avJack wasn’t bothered. He just wasn’t. He’d been playing the game a long time. The fact he was the only remaining member of the Royal Flush gang had taught him a thing or two about himself. Mainly that he was awesome. He’d robbed and fought and killed with the best of them. And now he was here: kicking back in jeans and T-shirt, looking like James Dean in his leather jacket, smoking a cigarette, inside an unlit armoury aboard an empty Watchtower. He was living the dream. Heroes were gone and he’d found himself in the favour of one of the most dangerously inspired geniuses on the planet. Even the itching of the synthetic eye behind his patch couldn’t get him down. Yes, it was a good day to be Jack.

Albert Desmond was not sharing in the feelings of relaxation...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.37

redbird-avThe humming rose and fell, along with that strange, warm tickle that ran up the spine and out to the ends of every finger. Artemis flexed her fists open and closed when the room finished pixelating from the forest into the cool steel Watchtower transporter room.

The room was still. Quiet. They all realised this at once. Compared to the ominous hum of the jungle and the thinly veiled barbarism of Grodd’s Brute-opia it felt somewhat uneasy. They should have felt calm and peace. All that washed over them was unease. Each of them felt, in a unifying instant, a brewing sensation. Fate was percolating. A glance was exchanged between each of them.

“Home again home again…” Garrett said to break the quiet, stepping off the platform.

As the others followed him down, Redbird stayed put...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.36

velocity-avVelocity took a step away from her friends toward the bubble of darkness. “Requiem?” She’d made the name mistake enough times for one day. Right now she couldn’t risk doing anything that would cause more hard feelings. “Can you hear me? It’s okay now. The guys in masks are taken care of. It’s really okay.” Her voice didn’t seem to travel past the end of her fingertips. Certainly there was no change in the inky blackness that hid Robert from their sight.

“Do… do you think he can even hear you in there, Vel?” the Green Teen said with a frown. He looked over the black sphere, looking for any fissures. “Maybe…” He took a step back and leveled his left arm. A gout of flame erupted from the ring, then focused to a narrow, cutting torch like point...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.35

requiem-avRobert watched the two interact… the concern and affection of old friends, even at their age. It was a feeling he knew little if, though he understood it in principle. There was a connection there. He felt himself for the first time really wanting to experience that kind of camaraderie for himself. Unfortunately, the feeling that overtook him was of a different nature.

“Isn’t that sweet” a whispered voice said to the black-cloaked teen. Robert glanced to one side and saw a movement in the shadows and the glitter of gold, like light flickering from a shard of avarice. “A lovely story of boy meets girl meets boyfriend.” Another wave of emotion struck Robert, even without him reaching out for it. It surrounded him, centered on a tiny point to his right, but its power was overwhelming.


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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.34

lantern-avTeen Lantern reached the end of his arcing ballistic trajectory. Touching down in front of the building he paused. Nobody had ever heard of a Teen Lantern, so he commanded his ring to alter his costume, and took on the appearance of a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Silently he passed through the stone and steel of the building’s wall and emerged in the lobby of the building. A security guard looked at him and started to laugh.

“Green Lantern!” He said between bursts of laughter. “They’re in the ba… heh… ba… Bwahahaha!”The guard doubled over, clutching his sides, slowly regaining his composure. “Basement.”

Nodding, Scott flew through the corridors to the elevator and pulled open the doors. He shot down the shaft like a rocket...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.33

star-avOnce Kyle realised how far he could go into the upper atmosphere, flying across country wasn’t that bad, a few hours tops. He was currently resting on a park bench in one of his favorite places in the world; Gotham City. There was almost no one about, and those who were either were looting or wandering aimlessly, fear stricken all over their faces.

“Hey you!” One older man called out to Kyle, “You’re one of them aren’t you? You gotta costume! Do something! Bring them back!”

“Sir, believe me, that is first on my list but right now as confused as you are and pretty wiped.”

The man looked like he was gonna argue more but he just walked away, he looked… broken. Kyle felt horrible but he had to keep going. He stood up and, still getting used to his new outfit, pulled at his mask...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.32

hg-avAnnoyed, was how Erin was feeling, annoyed and alone. Her mother had been missing for a full week, along with apparently the parents of any and everyone else around her. Whatever was going on she hadn’t a clue but it was starting to get out of control around Detroit. Ha, okay so that was a little obvious, but Detroit in an even deeper state of chaos was a truly hellish place to be indeed. She gave her large gray wings a shake to clear away any creeping feelings of anxiety that threatened to overwhelm her. She’d never been without her mother, and even though she was practically grown, she realized she still needed her. She still didn’t know everything about herself, like who her father was and why he was kept such a secret all this time?

The only person she could think of to talk to...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.31

artemis-avArtemis pulled the comm from her belt and thumbed open a channel open to their teammates.”Tweet Tweet, Redbird. Sitrep.”

“I have good news and I have bad news,” Redbird’s voice crackled to life, “the good news is we have an ally.”

“Casey?” Artemis said hopefully.

“No,” the Girl Wonder said flatly. “One of the gorillas – the prince actually. He’s going to help us deactivate the gorilla bomb.”

“Gorilla bomb?” The archer’s brow rose and with it her eyes which looked at Rett. Her expression bordered somewhere between curiosity and concern. “Something tells me that’s not strapping a load of C-4 to a silverback and giving them the old heave ho out of an airplane.”

“Let me put it this way,” Redbird said sarcastically into the ear piece, “This thing goes off your bikini wax will cost the...

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