Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.06

ty_avA look of confusion passed over Jackson’s face as he approached the table. He paused, taking a short sip from his glass. The amber liquid smelled like JP-50 and tasted worse. His grimace melted into a wry smile as he surveyed the three men at the table. His first impression was that of two brothers – twins? – and their father. He couldn’t fathom why Gebbie had sent him their way.

“Alice?” try as he might, Jackson could not keep the confusion out of his voice.

One of the brothers, the clean-shaven one, kicked a chair such that it slid out in front of Jackson. Taking the hint, and the seat, he rocked on the back legs of the chair, his drink clutched to his chest.

“We hear tell that you’re a passing fair mechanic.”

Jackson looked between the two. “I’ve been told as much.”

“For example?” The o...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.05

jack_av“You’re a gorram buhn dahn, you know that right?” Jackson yelled from the flame licked engine room of the small Hornet class starship the Bartrand, “I told you to take it easy on this piece of feh wu till we got to Beaumonde and I could replace the hydraulic stabilizer!” Jackson turned his head just in time to duck out of the way as a tongue of flame came dangerously close to his face. Jackson leveled the fire extinguisher at the flames covering the ships engine and fired. He had to calm down these flames before they got to the fuel cells.

“We were behind schedule. If we don’t get this shipment to Gebbie, we don’t get paid,” the Captain of the Bartrand, shouted back toward Jackson.

“Great idea genius. Let’s kill ourselves rather than get home alive.”

“We’re about to hit atmo right now c...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.04

dru_avMaene was a decent enough town for Beaumonde standards. A nothing special dot on the map. The IKner and Katy factory at its edge pumping thick gray clouds into the sky kept the streets crowded. Dru maneuvered through the noise and bodies of the bazaar that ate up the real estate of the city square to the small non-descript building right along the beaten path. There was no marquee that read “shady dealings done dirt cheap”, but the goon standing beside the door was evidence enough.

The thick man adjusted the weight of his rifle as Durden approached him. “I’m here to see Ford.”

“What’s your business?” He asked, eying the Walker Colts strapped high on Dru’s thighs.

“My business is his business.”...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.03

ty_av“Wong ba dhun…” Ty dropped to the ground causing a billow of dust. He wiped his soot-stained hands on his trousers, and then proceeded to examine the gash on palm, all the while seeming to ignore his brother and the Shepherd.

“Well?” Dru prompted.

Ty flexed his hand and looked back to ‘Alice,’ and the thin wisp of smoke rising from her damaged hull. “It could be worse…”

“Please, son. The landing was – interesting – enough,” said Copper. “But as they say, any landing you can walk away from…”

“Well, it’s mostly cosmetic. The only major system that was affected was the long-range sensors,”he took a mostly clean rag from his pocket and wrapped it around his palm. “About half a day to splice the line, then cut and weld a patch. I’d say we can be back in the black by tomorrow night.”


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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.02

cop_av“Sòngyáng shì wŭng Shénfù,” Copper said as he closed the door, sequestering himself in his prayer closet. “Praise be to God.” The room he used for prayer was, at one time, a refrigerated storage area, inside of a small storeroom outside of Looking Glass’ infirmary.

When he’d come aboard ship to become its medic, they’d offered him his choice of the guest berths. Instead, he’d taken over the small storeroom, moved in a single bed and some modest furniture, and emptied out the broken-down refrigeration unit. A Shepherd’s quarters didn’t need to be anything opulent, and the berths, while far from majestic, were better served for transporting paying customers.

He knelt in front of the utility ottoman that he’d stripped down and turned into a makeshift altar, and lowered his head...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.01

dru_av“Wong ba Dun.” Durden Kokezaru sighed the stale recycled air of the suit, shaking his head as he tried jamming the panel back into place. It didn’t budge much.

“That good?” The crackled voice bounced around inside the hermetic bubble.

“Conduit’s shredded completely.” Again he worked at budging the misshapen hunk of metal back into place. “I managed to rig some of the wiring back up, but…”

“Radar keeps blinking out.”


“It’s enough to get us a push us in the right direction.”

With the gentlest of nudges, Dru floated back from the ship’s hull. The blackness of space filled the horizon past the Looking Glass’s bow. There was nothing, and it was all around them. There was comfort in that. He looked back down at the jagged gash pulled up from the hull...

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Hello world!

Pardon our dust. We’ll have things in order shortly.

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