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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.4

bwvatarAcross town, a similar scene to what Kardiac had discovered was about to play out – with a twist…

Wolf had pieced together leads from a myriad of sources to end up where he was this evening. Standing in a storehouse lined floor to ceiling with massive wooden crates, the floor decorated with debris and unconscious Mafioso from different parts of the world. The rather abrupt departure of Alphonse Begnini had caused a vacuum in Don Cusmano’s ‘Family;’ the other organized crime groups, coupled with the Vega syndicate moving in on the old Sicilian, had served as the catalyst for the violence that reached into nearly every corner of Garrison City...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.1

capvatarBetween the smog produced to its east and the smoke that rose from the ceaseless string of building fires, it seemed the Lourds never saw the stars. On top of that, it often seemed that the twinkling streetlamps and neon lights around the rest of Garrison City were only there to mock its Low Rent District. The fires and the lights on the trucks that chased them down were often the only color to swash through the beaten part of town. It was all reds, grays, and blacks, rarely the Blue and Whites. Every day the Lourds prayed for rain.

It wasn’t too long ago when Mayor Archer made the Lourds a priority, but when faced with the widespread violence that his city had been seeing even the best of intentions get filtered out...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.131

bwvatar“I’m sorry, Miss-”

She cut him off. “Please, Melody.”

That thin smile came across once more as she folded her hands in front of her. She certainly had a presence. Something warm and comforting. At once he was both inexplicably intrigued and quite unnerved. He held a long blink, returning her smile as best he could. “Melody. I have this sinking feeling that you’re holding us at one hell of a disadvantage.”

Aaron had cracked the book open. Its heavy cover touched the tabletop with a puff of dust. He flipped through its pages, each one intricately detailed in purple, black, and red inks, none of which he could make any sense. Every so often a page would have a diagram or picture. He let a short sigh loose.

“You’re held at your own disadvantage, Mr...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.130

capvatarWith the words ‘mystic arts’ Ryu and Aaron gave each other a brief look. Interesting. The store wasn’t very wide but appeared to be rather deep. Shelves lined the walls from the ceiling to the floor, packed so tight with volumes one could barely see the faded wooden paneling that hid behind the jagged lined made by the book tops. Several tables and stands made a simple maze about the room, each covering different subjects. New Fiction. New Non-Fiction. Self Help. Coffee Table Art Books.

There it was. The words ‘Mystic Arts’ engraved in white on the black plaque above a full set of shelves a bit inside and to the left. Aaron was already on his way toward the books. Ryu peered into the back of the store looking for something, anything to go on. Nothing but books. Not even a sound...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.129

bwvatarThe waiter had taken the stacked dishes from the table, leaving only the silence that had fallen over the empty table. “Okay.” Eddy’s head nodded slowly. Beside him, Vivian squeezed the hand she held in her own. She followed suit, looking across the table and nodding.


“Alright then, we have a unanimous decision.” Ryu leaned back from the table. “We officially have an unofficial team.”

Eddy looked across the table. “We can bring this together later. Pool our intel a little more coherently. ” He patted the data stick in his pocket. “I want to give this a listen, see what it tells me.”

The table was getting up, “We should look into this Yakuza business. If we can squeeze the details from this Kinley fellow we could nip something in the bud.”

“Or force the Yakuza’s hand, which sounds l...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.128

capvatarDespite her prejudice against being involved in a group, Vivian couldn’t really argue the logic behind Aaron’s argument.

“A partnership,” Eddy said more to himself than anyone at the table. The chopsticks skillfully pinned a mushroom, raising it a few inches over his plate. It hovered there a moment. It wasn’t as if he’d never worked with anyone before. Recent events with Bluewolf alone proved that. But he wasn’t comfortable with making a practice of it.

“An open partnership.” A thin layer of sauce and a few scattered vegetables covered the china plate Ryu pushed forward to rest his elbows on the table. His fingers folded together and his chin leaned into them. “We’re committed to this, there’s no question...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.127

bwvatarRyu rubbed the side of his chin absentmindedly and leaning back from the table. Acceptable risk was one thing. Vegetation was something completely different. He twisted this squat teacup around a few times. He opened his mouth “I-”

He’d barely let himself get out one word when he caught sight of the tall thin waiter stepping toward their table. The man was tall, his thin frame hardly filling his black slacks and white shirt. His hands folded as he stood at the open end of their table. “Are we ready to order?” He smiled.

The four of them pulled the menus from the table again. They’d looked them over during the conversation, but not really looked. But ordering Chinese was just something one did...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.126

kavatarEddy woke up to the smell of coffee. Yep… he loved that woman. He had been surprised to see her so early last night, but not disappointed. Now if his body would just start working without the pain, life would be perfect.

Vivian hadn’t explained her rapid return, but he didn’t really care. If it meant she wouldn’t be working with some wildcard he didn’t know and trusted even less, that was okay by him. Eddy didn’t like bounty hunters. He’d had one bad experience too many working with their ilk.

After a quick shower, a quick three cups of coffee, and innumerable glances across the table at his lady, Eddy was ready to go. They hadn’t said much over breakfast, Viv seemed to be thinking about something pretty seriously, but now Eddy was all words...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.125

capvatar“I’ve done a lifetime of meditation and self-searching. Being raised by monks will do that to a guy. A lot of folks don’t buy into the whole soul, spirit thing.” ‘Wolf’ stared into his coffee, it’s thick organic smell filling his nostrils. “I’d hate to make assumptions about you, but I’m pretty comfortable in saying that you’re soul isn’t dull. It isn’t dark.”

‘Ryu took another sip, “I’d hope that were true, otherwise I wouldn’t have been granted the power i have in the first place.” He tipped his cup in ‘Aaron’s direction, “Nor would you.”

Ryu half bowed Aaron’s head as if in thanks. “Except beneath all that bright clear energy was this dull blue sphere.”

“Ok, I see where this is going.” He set down his cup.

“Psyche pulled the essence of you out and stuck it in me, and vice versa...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.124

bwvatarAaron – actually Ryu – propped himself up on an elbow, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His dream vision was still very prevalent in his mind, but the smell of brewing coffee wafting up from the kitchen, was a reminder that he had a houseguest whom was apparently awake. He stood, tossing the pillows back onto the bed as Enry flowed back over his upper body to give the appearance of a tight-fitting black T-shirt. Glancing into the large mirror hanging above Kaye’s dresser, he wondered how much control he could exert over the symbiote.

He concentrated and watched as the black faded into a deep blue-gray. Another thought, and he was covered in yellow with pink polka dots. Yet another shift of thought and he found himself wearing a crisp herringbone dress shirt. Interesting. Enry reverted ...

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