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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.124

bwvatarAaron – actually Ryu – propped himself up on an elbow, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His dream vision was still very prevalent in his mind, but the smell of brewing coffee wafting up from the kitchen, was a reminder that he had a houseguest whom was apparently awake. He stood, tossing the pillows back onto the bed as Enry flowed back over his upper body to give the appearance of a tight-fitting black T-shirt. Glancing into the large mirror hanging above Kaye’s dresser, he wondered how much control he could exert over the symbiote.

He concentrated and watched as the black faded into a deep blue-gray. Another thought, and he was covered in yellow with pink polka dots. Yet another shift of thought and he found himself wearing a crisp herringbone dress shirt. Interesting. Enry reverted ...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.123

capvatarBirds were chirping not too far off. He’d known that morning had a smell to it. It varied slightly season to season, but it was a general freshness. Capin opened his eyes slowly with a yawn. The thin light of a late autumn dawn barely filtered through Wolf’s curtains. The young man’s brow furrowed in a rest filled yawn as he left the comforts of Aaron Matthew’s couch.

He opened the screen door and stepped out onto a short balcony that looked over the lawn of Mr. Matthew’s brownstone. The early November breeze was a bit chilly, but he didn’t mind. Cold was mostly mind over matter, and growing up it had always been cold. At least Capin still had his mind. Wolf’s body, with all its attributes, also seemed more resistant to the bite in the air...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.122

bwvatarEnry was squeezing, wrenching, and throttling him. Capin’s slick black cape, a sentient symbiotic being, had bunched itself around its host’s shoulders and neck. Somehow Psyche had swapped their consciousnesses, the only question was, how long would it last, and will Enry have choked the life out of him before the effect fades. Wolf’s mind flashed, but the visions were not solely his own. Bits and pieces of what had to be Capin’s memories were playing randomly in his head. His peripheral vision began to fade, as he slumped to the floor. Great, he thought, I’m going to die here in the basement of a mental hospital, and it’s not even going to be my own life that flashes before my eyes.

A short distance away, his body writhed...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.121

Capin slowly started to close on Psyche and Super Ego. “You have no idea… and what took you so long anyway?”

Psyche looked from Capin to Bluewolf and back again. They were both breathing heavily, but she wasn’t a match for either, much less both. At least, not physically. Super-Ego seemed to be a bit worried as well, her eyes darting feverishly between the two costumed men.

“It’s over,” Bluewolf said, taking a half-step forward. Mistress Psyche simply began to laugh. It didn’t frighten Bluewolf, not in the least, but it did give him momentary pause. He cast a sidelong glance to Capin.

The dapper detective took a step to his left, widening the distance between Bluewolf and him. “She ages people… but it seems to take time,” Capin said as Psyche laughed...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.120

capvatarThe four man-mountains began moving in close around him, boxing Capin in. His hands closed into tight fists held out from his body. Enry floated off the ground, ready to take the two men behind him to the ground. Behind them, Mistress Psyche’s laughter ran chills down his spine. Capin looked over the two men nearer to his front. They’re expressions were blank. Not dead, but calm. “Ok, boys, I don’t suppose it would do me any good to mention ‘the easy way’.” Nothing.

The bulk to his left started drawing back his arm. “Right.” A soon as his wrist moved, the Dapper Detective was three steps ahead of him. The thick fist cut through the air and Capin was under it. He felt it whip by the back of his head by mere inches...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.118

bwvatarBluewolf heeded Capin’s gesture of caution. It really wouldn’t do for both of them to be made, and he did intend to follow along anyway. From his concealed position and enhanced aural sense, Wolf managed to pick up both ends of the conversation and smiled, despite what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Capin slid into the car and pulled the door closed with a muffled click. Wolf raised his left arm, and with a shot of compressed gas, fired a tracking device that landed securely on the limo’s bumper. Just in case, he thought. Things didn’t always go according to plan, even when the plans were made up as he went along.

The sleek black limo wove its way northeast through Garrison...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.116

capvatar“And you think Dr. DiLucci is the kidnapper.” Wolf was back, crouched over the ground in the shadows. Capin stood just beyond the edge, in the light. The parking lot showed them nothing. The snow had melted enough to just be puddles of asphalt colored water.

“Maybe not the but she’s definitely part of this whole-” Both men looked up. Capin cut himself off at the faint sound of good suspension taking a pothole at 25 miles an hour. The broad black hood of the car took up most its lane. “Don’t they know that driving around at night with just your parking lights on is a dead giveaway?” Capin slipped back into the shadows beside Bluewolf.

The long black limo pulled into the parking lot and stopped at an angle in the middle. Both men watched quietly. The engine kept running; waiting for someone...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.115

kavatar“Blindside” slipped into the apartment as quietly as he could, through the bedroom window rather than the normal balcony entrance. Better not to tempt fate. He had to know if he was in trouble before facing it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Vivian wasn’t home. And from the looks of things, she hadn’t been.

He stepped out on the balcony to get some air. He needed it. This was two nights in a row. Something had to be wrong. If Begnini is lying to me, so help me God…. It was right about that time that his communicator broke through his reverie. Just want he needed… work.

Maybe he could convince Ol’ Blue that he got a wrong number. “Mushi mushi?”

Bluewolf, apparently, wasn’t fooled. “Funny. Has your Vixen returned to her den?”

Eddy paused...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.113

The motion sensors at the corner of Troy and University kicked in, and the camera hidden in the streetlamp turned to the source. Mistress Psyche wasn’t expecting any guests that evening, but Dr. Erosia DiLucci knew that he was getting close, so her eyes focused on the monitor. Surely enough, the light-enhancing camera drew focus on a man in a tuxedo, cowl, and cape.

“Ah, my suitor has arrived,” she said absently as her finger went to the busser on her desk. Super-Ego walked in, looking a bit tired. It was, after all, rather late… or early as the case may be. “Super-Ego, call Trauma and Id… have them take a car to the meeting place. There’s someone there waiting for them.”

Super-Ego looked down at her clipboard. “But, Ma’am, there’s nothing listed on your itinerary.”

“He wouldn’t be,” she a...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.112

capvatarCapin was back at the wall blocking the noise of Victoria boulevard and the waterfront from the high castles set in Hiland in no time. He hopped up, perching himself atop the thick brick wall. The street was dark and quiet. There was barely a sound as he dropped down to the street and crossed into the darkness of the Warehouse District.

The District provided heavy cover with its massive wide buildings and deep thick shadows. An almost warm shiver crept up his spine. Capin spun around, the cape splayed lightly around his legs as he did, still mostly relaxed if not bored. Two steps back and he was covered in the darkness of a shipping building. Still, the corners and hiding places showed nothing. Capin shook it off. The cape remained a calm dark gray.

He separated the cuff of his shirt from ...

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