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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.119

Capin’s sleek black cape loosened, readying for that moment before one of those thugs made a hint of a move.

But that moment never came. Instead, the leather-clad woman standing before him turned her back on him and began walking into the darkness. After a few steps, she paused and looked back over her shoulder at the dapper detective. “Are you just going to stand there looking like all menacing and penguin-like, or are you going to come see my operation.”

“It’s that easy?” Capin asked, his usual wit buried by the surprise of her offer.

“Well,” she answered, the leather of her mask reshaping slightly as she smiled beneath it. “There is that pesky walking.” To emphasize her intent, she held her arms in front of her, signaling a direction...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.118

bwvatarBluewolf heeded Capin’s gesture of caution. It really wouldn’t do for both of them to be made, and he did intend to follow along anyway. From his concealed position and enhanced aural sense, Wolf managed to pick up both ends of the conversation and smiled, despite what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Capin slid into the car and pulled the door closed with a muffled click. Wolf raised his left arm, and with a shot of compressed gas, fired a tracking device that landed securely on the limo’s bumper. Just in case, he thought. Things didn’t always go according to plan, even when the plans were made up as he went along.

The sleek black limo wove its way northeast through Garrison...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.116

capvatar“And you think Dr. DiLucci is the kidnapper.” Wolf was back, crouched over the ground in the shadows. Capin stood just beyond the edge, in the light. The parking lot showed them nothing. The snow had melted enough to just be puddles of asphalt colored water.

“Maybe not the but she’s definitely part of this whole-” Both men looked up. Capin cut himself off at the faint sound of good suspension taking a pothole at 25 miles an hour. The broad black hood of the car took up most its lane. “Don’t they know that driving around at night with just your parking lights on is a dead giveaway?” Capin slipped back into the shadows beside Bluewolf.

The long black limo pulled into the parking lot and stopped at an angle in the middle. Both men watched quietly. The engine kept running; waiting for someone...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.113

The motion sensors at the corner of Troy and University kicked in, and the camera hidden in the streetlamp turned to the source. Mistress Psyche wasn’t expecting any guests that evening, but Dr. Erosia DiLucci knew that he was getting close, so her eyes focused on the monitor. Surely enough, the light-enhancing camera drew focus on a man in a tuxedo, cowl, and cape.

“Ah, my suitor has arrived,” she said absently as her finger went to the busser on her desk. Super-Ego walked in, looking a bit tired. It was, after all, rather late… or early as the case may be. “Super-Ego, call Trauma and Id… have them take a car to the meeting place. There’s someone there waiting for them.”

Super-Ego looked down at her clipboard. “But, Ma’am, there’s nothing listed on your itinerary.”

“He wouldn’t be,” she a...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.112

capvatarCapin was back at the wall blocking the noise of Victoria boulevard and the waterfront from the high castles set in Hiland in no time. He hopped up, perching himself atop the thick brick wall. The street was dark and quiet. There was barely a sound as he dropped down to the street and crossed into the darkness of the Warehouse District.

The District provided heavy cover with its massive wide buildings and deep thick shadows. An almost warm shiver crept up his spine. Capin spun around, the cape splayed lightly around his legs as he did, still mostly relaxed if not bored. Two steps back and he was covered in the darkness of a shipping building. Still, the corners and hiding places showed nothing. Capin shook it off. The cape remained a calm dark gray.

He separated the cuff of his shirt from ...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.110

capvatarTears welled up around her dark chestnut eyes. As they filled, a few drops rolled down along her nose and fell, soaking into her dress. She made a slight sniffle and reached for a box of Kleenex. The white tissue grayed as she dabbed at her eyes.

“Ok.” Capin put his hand on hers. Right at that moment the cowl stiffened around him. Like static, the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He’d experienced these things before. The cape had almost a second sense of some things, but even after all these years it was difficult to read. But it was clear enough. There was something out of the ordinary going on. “What did she do exactly?”

Miranda just looked at the tissue crumpled in her hands. Really she was looking past it. “I-I don’t know,” her head shook slightly...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.107

capvatarCapin watched as ‘Blindside’ jumped across to the next building and away. “So,” he said, turning back to Bluewolf, “It was a pleasure, but I too must be off. Have a date with an old lady.” Behind the his mask, Wolf was giving him an odd look. “Nothing like that. It’s, uh, a business meeting.”

Wolf nodded, giving Capin a smirk. “I’m sure it is.”

“We’ll do this again some time.”

“I’m sure we will.”

The cape hanging tight from his shoulders opened up as Capin took that step up onto the ledge. It spread wide behind him as he jumped across, never touching the ground. He landed soundlessly on the snow drifted rooftop and headed north, disappearing into the dark warehouse skyline.

Capin seemed to be making good time. He checked his watch as he dropped down to ground level...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.106

kavatarCapin slid one foot out, probably by instinct, setting himself in perfect balance, ready to defend himself. His cape, however, remained at ease, flipping gently in a wind of its own devising. Obviously, it knew something its wearer did not. Bluewolf’s apparent lack of concern also seemed to echo the cloak’s non-aggressive sentiment.

“Blindside, eh? Hadn’t heard he was coming to town.”

The newcomer smirked. “Wow… I knew something before Ol’ Blue. Get me some smelling salts, I think I’m gonna faint.”

Capin looked between the two. Realizing at the very least that this was not an enemy, his stance relaxed a little. Bluewolf just half-smiled and shook his head. “A comedian to the last.”

Blindside began to wobble a little, finally catching himself, but voluntarily taking a knee anyway...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.104

bwvatarJenna ducked into her car, taking a deep breath. It had been a long ten hours, but well worth the hell she knew she was about to catch. I suppose I can explain to Cox that this was just a test of Wolf while under extreme emotional duress. She smiled wryly, the smile slipping as she recalled all the times it had happened to her. Refusing to allow her mind to travel that particular path, she pulled onto the street and rode towards Aaron’s home in silence.

She pulled her car in front of the house, looking up. Shaking her head in appreciation, she vaguely wondered at the worth of purchasing her own home. Disregarding that inclination almost immediately, she started up the path to the brownstone. Here’s hoping he’s ready to listen… She pressed the doorbell.

There was a short buzz, the door clic...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.103

capvatar“Man alive.” Capin slipped through the front door, letting it close itself behind him and leaving it unlocked. Now home, he felt the heaviness in his eyelids that he’d managed to fend off all afternoon. His backpack slid off his shoulder and landed next to the door as he walked through the room into the kitchen.

Capin slid the plastic grocery bag up and onto the counter before tossing the contents of his pockets into the bowl at the center of the table. The fridge was still roughly empty, even after emptying the contents of the few bags on the counter. “I gotta get some sleep before-” he put his hand up as his mouth opened in a wide yawn. It was almost as if the rest of his energy was sucked out of his chest. Capin nodded, taking it as a sign, and went over to the coffee maker...

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