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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.25

vay_avVanya didn’t look back as she let the space between her and Vincent and Kayin grow. The sound of their footsteps grew fainter behind her and she managed to stop listening for her name. She couldn’t begrudge Kayin for needing to talk to her mentor; Vincent was the first one she turned to at emotional times too. His reassuring nature went beyond the companion training, it was just who he was. And she needed to stop hoping that Kayin was unburdening his soul about her and simply let the two of them talk.

Ordinarily she didn’t mind walking by herself. After weeks on Repose, the touch of warm air on her skin was nearly a luxury. She missed the manicured gardens of Shinon. The days of relaxing in the shade, the scent of the painstakingly reproduced flowers heavy in the air...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.24

ty_avDurden and Jackson strolled up the gravel road that passed the clearing where Alice sat flatten its patch of earth. The Kokezaru noted the smile that crept up on Jack’s face as the tail tips of the Osprey Class cargo ship appeared over the horizon followed by the long body that made up the Looking Glass. Alice. That smile meant that something. It meant that she had gotten to the mechanic. Jackson was part of her crew.

Dru clapped him on the shoulder, laughing. “What?” he asked, confusion replacing the subtle smile.

“Nothing, Jacks,” Dru replied.

“Random fits of laughter,” the mechanic shook his head, Durden’s laughter apparently a little contagious, “not generally considered a mark of sanity, Dru.”

Loomed larger and the two men veered off the beaten path...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.23

joe_avJacks and Dru sat at a table each nursing a drink. It had been almost an hour since they had left a message at the docks.

“Let me ask you a question…”

“Ain’t stoppin ya,” Dru looked down at his drink.

“Where were ya all stationed, durin’ the war?”

The Browncoat’s head weaved from one side to the other, as if hemming and hawing. He looked up from his glass, “Ain’t somethin’ I like talkin’ about.”

“Well I told y’all where I was.”

“And that’s a fact.” Dru nodded. “Thing ya got to realize, Jackson,” he paused a moment to lift the glass up to his lips, “Some people’s scars run a lot deeper than others.”

Jackson nodded, “I’m sorry I prodded.”

Dru closed his eyes for a moment, “Mei wen ti.”

“Jackson?” The voice came from behind Alice’s mechanic...

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ty_avSafely on their way to Regina, most of Alice’s crew was in the cargo hold. Normal environmental controls had returned and yet the four of them all stood as if a chill ran through the ship. Their attention was fixed on the one out of place thing in the hold that stood out as foreign, the one thing they stood around. A small nondescript cube which roughly two feet high and three across. The only thing of note besides its latches was the small panel on the side which indicated environmental controls. It was almost too plain. Overly plain. That alone would warrant suspicion, But everything else… Secret private transport of unmarked Alliance goods? Armed Federal guards? None of its crew knowing what they were carrying? None of those signs pointed to anything good.

“What do you think’s in it?”...

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jack_avDurden sat on the bed. Tyler crossed to the far end of the room and leaned on the wall. Shepherd Jones appeared in the open doorway, but neither brother made any protest to his presence. The preacher didn’t wait to speak. “Carter didn’t cause what happened earlier but-”

Ty looked to the Shepherd, “Tread carefully, preacher…”

With a smile the old man nodded and continued, “It doesn’t matter what caused this chain of events, the boy came clean.” Copper tucked his arms under one under the other. “I’ve staked a good part of my life -the best- on the belief that a man can change.”


Joe stood in the engine room looking at the other man. He felt bad for him. He felt guilty. He let Jackson take all of the heat when he himself was guilty of the same offense. “I believe you. . ...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.11

jack_avJackson Carter was putting the final bolt in the engine panel and wiping his grease marked hands across his pants. “You do pretty good work.” Durden smiled, standing in the mouth of the engine room. “And you seem to be settling in nicely.” He looked about the engine room. It was as clean as it had been since he and his brother first bought Alice and gave her her first bath. A hammock stretched from wall to wall besides the PK drive.

“Yeah,” Jackson took his own look around the engine room, seeing all those little things Durden wouldn’t, “It’s still going to take a lot of work to get this baby working like it should. The engine seems to have been through hell.”

His eyes fell upon the ground, as his mind rolled through the long unfortunate catalog of Looking Glass’s mechanics...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.09

joe_avJoe landed on his back outside of the Broken Horizon, disrupting a group of passersby. The ship’s owner, Captain Lior, tossed his bag out after him, scattering capacitors and wire cutters in a fan across the ground. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and yelled at the man who had unceremoniously ejected him and his things. “You’re making a big mistake you ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng. Ain’t no one on this rock can fix your piece of gos se like I can.” He stood, wiping the dirt off of his hands.

The older man sneered down from his place in the door of the ship. “You stole from my ship. I ain’t paying no thief to waste time on my ship while he lifts everything of value from right under my nose.”

Joe turned red at the accusation. “You and I both know that is complete tsway-niou...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.08

jack_av“So,” Jackson said as he, Copper and the Kokezaru brothers left the bar and started out down the streets of Beaumonde. “I suppose I should be asking which of you gentlemen is the captain.”

A soft laugh was shared by the rest of the crew he had just joined. “You could ask.”

“I was thinking I just had.”

“None of us.”

Confusion fell over the mechanic’s face. “So… there’s no captain?”

Durden shook his head. “No captain.”

“Alright then. As crew, who do I take orders from?”


“Fair ’nuff.” Jacks nodded, slightly perturbed.
“Can I ask another question?”

“We ain’t stoppin’ ya,” Dru said with a smile.

“Who is Alice?”

The brothers and Copper chuckled again as Jacks stared back at them quizzically, “What?”

“You’ll see,” Tyler laughed, gripping Jacks by the shoulder for a moment as they continu...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.07

cop_avCopper loved coming to Beaumonde, because it usually meant he’d have time to swing by Doheney’s to browse anything new that had come in since the last visit. Ol’ Mike was a good guy, and he generally got in a higher quality of merchandise than the local shops on the Rim.

It had been ten minutes since the bell had rung, tolling his entrance, and he wasn’t any closer to bored. It had been a while, and Mike had caught a few good, solid bargains in the time since his last visit. One that particularly caught Copper’s eye was a beautiful, three-leg nightstand, just perfect for resting a Bible on before bed.

The Reverend toted up to the counter and pulled the tag off, handing it to Mike...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.03

ty_av“Wong ba dhun…” Ty dropped to the ground causing a billow of dust. He wiped his soot-stained hands on his trousers, and then proceeded to examine the gash on palm, all the while seeming to ignore his brother and the Shepherd.

“Well?” Dru prompted.

Ty flexed his hand and looked back to ‘Alice,’ and the thin wisp of smoke rising from her damaged hull. “It could be worse…”

“Please, son. The landing was – interesting – enough,” said Copper. “But as they say, any landing you can walk away from…”

“Well, it’s mostly cosmetic. The only major system that was affected was the long-range sensors,”he took a mostly clean rag from his pocket and wrapped it around his palm. “About half a day to splice the line, then cut and weld a patch. I’d say we can be back in the black by tomorrow night.”


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