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Hard Boiled – Episode Three: The Long Road Home 1.3

It was early. It was not that Jotaro wasn’t an early riser. He typically conducted his exercise routine before dawn. He was, however, unaccustomed to conducting business at such an early hour. His gleaming black town car rolled to a smooth stop and after a moment, his driver opened the door to let him out. Jotaro stepped onto the curb, craning his neck up the many stories of the KenTech building he had been summoned to by his superior Keisuke Kanda. Kanda-san had been very abrupt on the phone, offering no details, only that he was to arrive as early as possible.

Jotaro found himself mildly impressed with the décor once inside the building. Modern lines and a mixture of steel, glass, and rich woods all complemented one another in a rather pleasing aesthetic style...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.52

Darfur, Sudan: just outside the Aro Sharow refugee village.

A small African girl trudged across a flat featureless plane. She appeared to be about 13 or 14 but the rampant starvation and desperate, deprived conditions could have very well meant she was actually older. She carried a water pail and nervously looked about as she made for a tiny water hole.

Women rarely traveled like this anymore in Darfur. The government-supported militia known as the Janjaweed had turned the majority of the villages in this area into mass graves. The systematic slaughter of the African blacks at the hand of the Arabic militias was a clear case of genocide. Thousands of the girl’s people had been driven into neighboring Chad. The girl knew better than to be out alone, but her father was ill...

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