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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.17

pg2-avThere were moments, however brief, when Casey would second-guess her ‘career path.’ Most people were sensible enough to listen when she asked them to get off the streets and go home were it was safe. Then there were the knuckleheads who chose to ignore her request, and found themselves neck-deep in trouble with that element of society that always seemed to try and take advantage of a bad situation by making it worse. It was this lowest common denomination of society, made brave enough by their knives and guns to ignore the warnings of the flying teenager to stop being jerk-wads to everyone else and go home too.

Since splitting up with Scott, Casey had managed to put a stop to half a dozen muggings, nearly as many storefront robberies, three car-jackings, one townhouse fire, ferried at le...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.16

Ishmael did not like machines. He did not like things that he could not work or that could not work themselves. Nature occured around him and this he understood. Things that needed to be controlled by men felt untrustworthy. And he did not like thinking about the kinds of people who enjoyed controlling them.

None the less for all his awkwardness Ishmael was not a stupid person. The only sign of life he’d seen since Jackson Hyde vanished was the two figures who had stepped onto the device before him and disappeared. He did not like to follow clues and perform grand acts like Jackson Hyde and his friends but right now he couldn’t of what else to do.

He approached the machine. He looked around it and touched it now and then with his webbed palms...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.12

Ishmael had become accustomed to the solitary sound of the alert. He began to wonder if, in his small room, anyone else would be aware of it or if he sat alone waiting for help that may not arrive. What if, like this tower, the other buildings frequented by Jackson Hyde and his friends were equally cold, sad and empty.

Then he heard it. From the room opposite came the faintest sound. He couldn’t tell it was a footstep, a bump or a machine engaging but even through the thick metal walls his strong sense of hearing allowed him to notice it. He got up and raced to the wall it had come from.

Not knowing what else to do he called out.

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Computer. I need to go to the place on the other side of the wall.”

The alert stopped but the red light continued to flash and the scre...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.10

Ishmael was nervous. He didn’t like being here although he knew he would be safe. Jackson Hyde had promised he would be.

Though right now Jackson Hyde wasn’t here and that made him nervous. He was wearing the jacket, shirt, pants, hat, shoes and shades Jackson Hyde had left in a bag for him at the place they should meet.

Jackson Hyde had been there but he wasn’t anymore. There were no signs of him. It was meant to be their weekly integration lesson but Ishmael was finding it hard to integrate without advice.

Still, Jackson Hyde had told him if there is one place in the world you blend in and don’t get noticed then it was here. New York City. So he was safe but not at all happy.

For a start he had to wear these clothes and he was not able to filter feed which left him very h...

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