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dru_avDurden leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. The wheels were grinding. In the pilot’s chair his brother Tyler was settling Alice into the push their hard burn boost had given them. Satisfied that they had put enough space between them and the Blackstone he settled her into the course. “We should be shiny.” With a push on the console his chair swung out. “Shame to lose the Fortuna, though. She was a solid cover.” Dru nodded, now looking out into the black.

Joe was getting a tad impatient. “Sooo?” The brothers looked at him.

“So what?” Tyler replied with a smirk. Joe huffed a little.

“You done good. Quick thinking on your feet.” He gave Joe a nod.

“I told you guys I was good...

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joe_av“Listen bud, put the gun down.” Tyler had the shotgun trained on Riley’s belly, Riley in turn had his trained on his brother. “You’re only going to get yourself shot.”

“Joe?” Dru turned away from The Blackstone’s lone gunman as if he wasn’t even there, which only made the man itchier. “Joe? Get the power up. Get it up, now. Time’s a-wastin’ and our sky’s gonna get mighty crowded with feds the longer we’re drifting here.”

“I’m not putting nothing down.” Riley was cool and collected. “Tables have turned, haven’t they?”

Jackson looked from Riley to the each of the brothers. “I should get back to Alice, see what I can do about getting us out of here.”

“Things have turned, but nothing’s turned in your favor.” He took a step closer to the man...

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jack_avJoe sat with his back against the console, the mic in his hand, waiting for the Blackstone to get enough power up to try and comm out. He was gonna have more than a few words for the boys when they came back, mostly about how terrible an idea it was to leave crew members on a dead ship. He flexed his fingers, trying to keep them from getting stiff. He’d given up on trying to breathe warmpth on them. It had been about fifteen minutes since the pulse went off, he figured something was going to happen soon enough. Sure enough, moments later, Alice flickered to life. It still seemed that not everything was up yet. I guess the guys set it up so that only some stuff came on. Thankfully he felt the air begin to circulate again. Fresh oxygen and, hopefully, heat was on their way...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.14

ty_avJackson sat in the dark of the engine room checking the auto start systems for the third time, “Alright darlin’,” he said gently as his hand stroked the metal of the engine. He had only been on Alice for a week or so, but he already felt like the Herb-Adams 42-XSPKD was a part of him, “There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t kick right back on as soon as your needed.”

Joe walked into the engine room to check on Jacks’ preparation and stopped short, raising a brow. “Do you two need a few more minutes. . . alone?”

“Oh, uh no. I was just triple checkin’ her to make sure everythin’ was shiny before we do this. What about your end?”

“Got the program down, just need to quick solder some wires and pop in the disc...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.13

dru_avAlice was adrift in the cold of space. She spun there, dark and dead with barely the signs of life support to keep her belly warm, slowly coasting toward no destination. She was waiting for her destination to come to her. TylerKokezaru sat in the darkness, the springs of his pilot’s chair fully compressed. It had been hours since they’d “parked” and there was still no sign of their quarry. Not so much as a crackle of comm traffic nor a blip on the screens, only the blinking red light reminding him that the distress call was still going broadcasting. The chill was starting to set in, and that always made him grumpy. Of course, given what they had planned, grumpy wasn’t a bad state of mind to be in.

“‘c’mon.” Back in the kitchen Joe tied his arms across his chest and stuck his chin out...

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joe_avQuiet echoed throughout the Looking Glass as she drifted through space. Most of the crew were tucked away in their beds. Night and day were null concepts in the black but people still tended to turn in at the same time. The only movement was Tyler who had gotten stuck with watch duty while the others slept. Silently, Joe crept out of his bedroom and moved towards the front of the ship. He slipped into the bathroom on the same side as Tyler’s room to avoid waking anyone unnecessarily. He laid his towel on the sink and began to peel away the bits of Joe. 

As the last of the clothing dropped to the floor, Joelle stood and appraised herself in the mirror. It had been so many weeks since she had a proper shower, it was lucky she had found herself on a ship that had such a luxurious commodity...
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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.11

jack_avJackson Carter was putting the final bolt in the engine panel and wiping his grease marked hands across his pants. “You do pretty good work.” Durden smiled, standing in the mouth of the engine room. “And you seem to be settling in nicely.” He looked about the engine room. It was as clean as it had been since he and his brother first bought Alice and gave her her first bath. A hammock stretched from wall to wall besides the PK drive.

“Yeah,” Jackson took his own look around the engine room, seeing all those little things Durden wouldn’t, “It’s still going to take a lot of work to get this baby working like it should. The engine seems to have been through hell.”

His eyes fell upon the ground, as his mind rolled through the long unfortunate catalog of Looking Glass’s mechanics...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.09

joe_avJoe landed on his back outside of the Broken Horizon, disrupting a group of passersby. The ship’s owner, Captain Lior, tossed his bag out after him, scattering capacitors and wire cutters in a fan across the ground. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and yelled at the man who had unceremoniously ejected him and his things. “You’re making a big mistake you ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng. Ain’t no one on this rock can fix your piece of gos se like I can.” He stood, wiping the dirt off of his hands.

The older man sneered down from his place in the door of the ship. “You stole from my ship. I ain’t paying no thief to waste time on my ship while he lifts everything of value from right under my nose.”

Joe turned red at the accusation. “You and I both know that is complete tsway-niou...

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