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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.6

tiila_avKieran was on a diplomatic mission of sorts; a nice change of pace, he had thought to himself, from kill after kill. A Hutt crime-boss had contacted the Imperium about assistance with an off-shoot rebel band that was causing him some trouble. The Emperor had instructed Kieran to meet with one of the criminal’s agents to decide whether it would be worth risking knowledge of the Empire openly helping criminals just on the off chance that even one of these rebels might be connected to the Alliance.

He had been sent to the palace of this criminal, Durga, on Nal Hutta. As the attendants saw to his ship he was shown his way into the throne room...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.1

The Sephi known as Overseer Etan was nervous; he had never had an imperial emissary visit him personally. This man, he was unable to procure his name, was coming with the highest clearances and priorities but seemed to have to no legitimate rank or title. Etan was told that he was merely coming to perform an innocent inspection of the new Empire sponsored moisture farm being constructed on Thustra under Etan’s watch. His attendants bustled around him just as nervously, though they didn’t know the real reason for their superior’s fears. As he walked to the landing bay, Etan’s ever devoted second in command Ye’Criep heeled at his side like an obedient dog. Babbling something about everything being up to date and how ahead they were in terms of progress...

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