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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.87

Capin looked over the throng that stood before him. He was tired. He was sore. He was just short of beaten. But then again just short is still anything but beaten. Kardiac’s appearance had given him enough of a breather to put himself back together for his next wind. And there was no way in hell he’d let any of them get inside for the big show.

“Oh come on!” He tossed back another of Ak-Fet Sur’s dogs, taking down two more in the tackle.”How many of you can there possibly be?” Capin had reeled Enry back inside, to conserve its energy, and started taking them on hand-to-hand and man to dog. He couldn’t remember a time he’d felt his partner so weak...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.77

The third floor was unlit, with barely any light aiding from outdoors. Moving around the banister, Capin crept silently toward the open door of one of the guest rooms. He kept his eyes trained on the faint orange outline of a window. A figure moved in and out of the streetlight across the scene. He reached over and grabbed the chair by the bed, gripping its back with both hands. It was heavy and wood. He could feel the ornate carving along the posts that held up the soft worn leather tight between them. He carefully rested its legs back down and reached for the desk chair on wheels.

The figure outside the window moved back into position. The faint scratching sound implied he was attempting to jimmy the lock as quietly as possible, so as to keep their element of surprise...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.60

“You’re sure you’re alright?” His arm resting against the roof, as Capin stuck his head in the Acura’s driver’s side window.

Melody smiled at him. “I’m alright. I’m just tired.” And she looked it. She had expended quite a bit of energy, more than she was willing to admit. “I’m just going to head home, curl up with a bottle of wine.” She reached out and dusted the soot and dirt from his once stark white shirt. “You should join me.”

“I should, and I will.” His jaw stiffened in a yawn, and he didn’t bother fighting it. “Don’t wait up. And don’t worry.” She leaned over, held back slightly by the belt that ran across her chest, kissed his cheek and told him that she wouldn’t wait up...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.56

Rain fell on Garrison like static over an old television set. If this really was the beginning of the end, what was it symbolic of? Was it a cleansing rain or a flood to drown them all out and start anew? Capin wondered if they ought to have built an ark as a backup. Then again, Wolf probably already has one. Enry pulled tighter around his host and the rivulets just rolled right off. You see, he keeps it in a warehouse down by the docks. That’s why he volunteered for the job at the docks. The formal clad adventurer hopped up over the ledge on to the roof of The Mill. With the higher vantage point he gave another look over the Theater District. The Big Night had yet to bring about any fireworks, but it was early yet.

Aaron does not have an ark. Melody’s voice echoed somewhere between his ea...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.50

All around the A&T Diner was a din of loud conversations and silverware running against cheap china. Every few minutes one of the men in a paper hat’s voice would cut through it all with a simple “Order up” and another plate would smack against the metal counter. One by one the waitresses, all of them past their golden years, would file behind the coffee bar filled with faces they no doubt saw every day to check the ticket pinned down by the plate of two eggs sunny-side up with hash browns. Rosaline freed the chit and gave it a once over as the man in the paper hat slid a second plate with French toast and bacon in front of her. “Frank, I need a side of sausage...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.28

Ryu set the empty flute down, smacking his lips. He slipped his fingers between a few of the remaining full glasses abandoned by their waitress. A quick glance around the room found Eddy nowhere to be seen. Doesn’t even say goodbye. Typical. No doubt when the smoke cleared he vacated the premises and was now throwing himself into work. It wasn’t healthy, and Kardiac knew it, but of course there was no talking to that man. Shaking his head, Ryu started weaving his way back through toward the woman with the tight jet black bun.

“Can you believe that, Kaye?” He held three of the bubbling flutes forward. Both ladies took one. “I take a bullet and still get left out of the grandstanding. And by my own special lady friend.”

“You’re an urban legend, love,” she smiled, raising her glass slightly ...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.25

In the movies, when a group of terrorists integrates into a large group of people in order to relieve them of their valuables en masse, take hostages, rob a bank, or any of a number of sundry activities such groups are prone to, they fire off half a clip into the air. There is general pandemonium for a few moments before the gun-toting rabble assure the crowd that ‘no one will be hurt.’ As long as everyone stays calm and follows their every direction, that is. In real life, the general population does not follow instructions from a director – much less a group of armed individuals. Those few, who weren’t paralyzed by fear, were running in every direction for the nearest exit. In those instances, object lessons are usually required.

Aaron’s heightened sense of hearing picked out Alexandra...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.22

Corin rang the doorbell to Jamie’s apartment. He hated it that his uncle would drag him off to these things, and he hated it even more that he had to drag Jamie along this time. As the door opened however, his attitude changed drastically. Jamie stood in the doorway wearing a smoke gray, floor length, satin gown slit up to her mid thigh. The top of the dress hung off only her right shoulder. Her blond hair was curled to perfection and bunched around the top of her head. Corin’s mouth dropped slightly as he looked at his best friend. Jamie smiled devilishly as she put her hand on the bottom of his chin and closed his mouth. “Easy tiger, don’t have a heart attack.” She purred as she took the bouquet he had bought for her.

“You look….,” Corin stammered on his words,”amazing.”

“You d...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.21

The sun was high enough to bleed through Melody’s blinds. One eye slowly peeled its lid back, checking the nightstand for the time. Ryu grumbled something wholly unintelligible, his eye closing but unable to shut the light out. It was the first time he’d slept for more than three hours straight. The smell of a coffee pot on a hotplate still hung in the air. It wasn’t fresh, but it was something.

One yawn and Ryu was quickly reminded of the nice ache Rave had left on his jaw last night. He threw the comforter back and grudgingly swung his legs around onto the ground. He sat there a second, getting his bearings. Dark circles stared back at him from back of his hands. A few more souvenirs. “Owch.” On his feet, he followed the smell of the coffee.

“How’re you feeling?”

He set a travel mug o...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.15

Dawn was creeping up on Garrison. A few transfers and the cowled Capin was on the line headed right into Chinatown. He could’ve gone straight home. The trip wouldn’t have been much longer, but after these last few nights he just didn’t feel up to another morning alone. Beneath him the El car rattled around the familiar corner. Capin leapt free, catching hold of the iron fire escape. His momentum swung him up and around safely into staircase. He jogged up to the roof.

Moments later Ryu was standing in the alley behind the Peking Bookshop. “I forgot the key, you want to let us in?” He sighed then knocked on the door. “Why do you think she gave us the key in the first place, then?”

When the door opened a pair of lovely green eyes met him...

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