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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.36

velocity-avVelocity took a step away from her friends toward the bubble of darkness. “Requiem?” She’d made the name mistake enough times for one day. Right now she couldn’t risk doing anything that would cause more hard feelings. “Can you hear me? It’s okay now. The guys in masks are taken care of. It’s really okay.” Her voice didn’t seem to travel past the end of her fingertips. Certainly there was no change in the inky blackness that hid Robert from their sight.

“Do… do you think he can even hear you in there, Vel?” the Green Teen said with a frown. He looked over the black sphere, looking for any fissures. “Maybe…” He took a step back and leveled his left arm. A gout of flame erupted from the ring, then focused to a narrow, cutting torch like point...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.35

requiem-avRobert watched the two interact… the concern and affection of old friends, even at their age. It was a feeling he knew little if, though he understood it in principle. There was a connection there. He felt himself for the first time really wanting to experience that kind of camaraderie for himself. Unfortunately, the feeling that overtook him was of a different nature.

“Isn’t that sweet” a whispered voice said to the black-cloaked teen. Robert glanced to one side and saw a movement in the shadows and the glitter of gold, like light flickering from a shard of avarice. “A lovely story of boy meets girl meets boyfriend.” Another wave of emotion struck Robert, even without him reaching out for it. It surrounded him, centered on a tiny point to his right, but its power was overwhelming.


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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.34

lantern-avTeen Lantern reached the end of his arcing ballistic trajectory. Touching down in front of the building he paused. Nobody had ever heard of a Teen Lantern, so he commanded his ring to alter his costume, and took on the appearance of a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Silently he passed through the stone and steel of the building’s wall and emerged in the lobby of the building. A security guard looked at him and started to laugh.

“Green Lantern!” He said between bursts of laughter. “They’re in the ba… heh… ba… Bwahahaha!”The guard doubled over, clutching his sides, slowly regaining his composure. “Basement.”

Nodding, Scott flew through the corridors to the elevator and pulled open the doors. He shot down the shaft like a rocket...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.32

hg-avAnnoyed, was how Erin was feeling, annoyed and alone. Her mother had been missing for a full week, along with apparently the parents of any and everyone else around her. Whatever was going on she hadn’t a clue but it was starting to get out of control around Detroit. Ha, okay so that was a little obvious, but Detroit in an even deeper state of chaos was a truly hellish place to be indeed. She gave her large gray wings a shake to clear away any creeping feelings of anxiety that threatened to overwhelm her. She’d never been without her mother, and even though she was practically grown, she realized she still needed her. She still didn’t know everything about herself, like who her father was and why he was kept such a secret all this time?

The only person she could think of to talk to...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.25

lantern-avScott had been flying around the Bronx and Manhattan stopping random crimes and scaring off looters where he could. He hadn’t heard from any of his friends for a while, so he decided to head back to the JSA headquarters.

On his way back to Morningside Heights and the JSA Brownstone, Scott swooped low over Harlem. He spotted a pair of what appeared to be gang members attacking an ATM with a crowbar. Sighing, Scott dove down and dropped a glowing green dome over the thieves.

“Guys, just because you don’t see a cop around doesn’t mean you can do stuff like this. He said as the dome constricted around the thieves.

One of the young men made a rude gesture in Teen Lantern’s direction. “Screw you, man. It’s more than cops not bein’ around. They ain’t anywhere...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.17

pg2-avThere were moments, however brief, when Casey would second-guess her ‘career path.’ Most people were sensible enough to listen when she asked them to get off the streets and go home were it was safe. Then there were the knuckleheads who chose to ignore her request, and found themselves neck-deep in trouble with that element of society that always seemed to try and take advantage of a bad situation by making it worse. It was this lowest common denomination of society, made brave enough by their knives and guns to ignore the warnings of the flying teenager to stop being jerk-wads to everyone else and go home too.

Since splitting up with Scott, Casey had managed to put a stop to half a dozen muggings, nearly as many storefront robberies, three car-jackings, one townhouse fire, ferried at le...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.8

pg2-avCasey tried the best she could to keep at a normal pace as she made her way through the pedestrian traffic around the subway station. It was hard for her to shake the feeling that something was wrong, and not in the “Mom’s off to foil the Ultrahumanite’s latest plot” kind of way. Reaching the brownstone that was the headquarters of the Justice Society, Casey took the full set of steps in one leap and was inside the building before she realized that she hadn’t needed to clear her entry with the security system.

Something was most definitely wrong. “Uncle Ted?” She called out, moving through the museum and into the working areas of the brownstone. “Tommy? Courtney?” The building was unusually quiet, giving way to more anxiety as Casey moved from room to room, but finding no one.

Hearing ...

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.7

lantern-avScott Rayner hovered at the edge of space, scanning the Earth for any trace of his mother or grandfather as he waited for his dad to appear. Soon a faint green star winked into existence, then grew to a streaking emerald comet.

Waiting for his father to hit the atmosphere, Scott prepared to match his speed. But he wasn’t prepared for the sight of the Green Lantern vanishing as he hit the fringes of Earth’s atmosphere, a green contrail the only clue he had been there.

Having just witnesses a second parent vanish in the span of an hour, Scott began to freak out.”What the Hell?” he shouted, looking around. He quickly scanned the area around his father’s last position. While he didn’t find any trace of his father’s familiar energy signature, he did detect something else, something dark.

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Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.5

lantern-avTranslucent green forms of Jenny Lynn-Hayden and Kyle Rayner stood in their kitchen, looking down at their son. “Tonight’s a school night. You know the rules.” the woman said.

The Green Lantern’s image nodded. “And have you even started on Of Mice and Men yet?”

Scott Rayner was stunned. His dad had been on Oa for the last week. How did he know about an assignment Scott hadn’t even told his mom about.

Reading her son’s expression, Jenny laughed. “Your dad and I were in high school too. It had to come up sooner or later this year.”

“Okay, fine.” Scott rolled his eyes. “I can’t fly to Star City. Can I at least do a movie group on the Z-Box tonight?”

“Sure,” the woman’s image said...

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