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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.88

Riordan was finally getting his calm back. Marco was still seething but he was quiet, which Riordan appreciated. Dominic and the entity within him was still smiling and had begun singing the alphabet song.

“You forgot the G.” Riordan smiled.

“Ah yes.” The entity laughed, “G…how could I have forgotten?” He laughed again.

“What is this accomplishing?” Marco sighed.

“He is browsing through Dominic’s memories, he’s learning.”

“I paid you good money to help my son, not to watch some monster rape his mind!” The mobster shouted getting enraged again.

“He’s not…how can I explain this…He’s merely reading his mind, like a book; he’s not harming it in any way.”

“I’ve had enough! What is inside my son?” The older man screamed.

“He is an elemental...

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Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.86

The home of Marco Cusmano was always a grim place. Of course those who had spent their childhood here has their share of happy memories, but each moment of joy was tainted by the echo of their father’s enigmatic “business”. A darkness that haunted every smile, a pain behind every embrace.

Though to lend Marco some credit, he was not the cause of the most recent darkness to dwell within the walls of the Cusmano home. Recently Dominic Cusmano has been struck with a mysterious affliction. It began as a fever that worsened and worsened; next the young man’s eyes became a dark crimson color, than his voice took on a strange pitch and his personality had become odd and unpredictable.

The family doctor was stumped, the family priest however was not...

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