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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.127

bwvatarRyu rubbed the side of his chin absentmindedly and leaning back from the table. Acceptable risk was one thing. Vegetation was something completely different. He twisted this squat teacup around a few times. He opened his mouth “I-”

He’d barely let himself get out one word when he caught sight of the tall thin waiter stepping toward their table. The man was tall, his thin frame hardly filling his black slacks and white shirt. His hands folded as he stood at the open end of their table. “Are we ready to order?” He smiled.

The four of them pulled the menus from the table again. They’d looked them over during the conversation, but not really looked. But ordering Chinese was just something one did...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.126

kavatarEddy woke up to the smell of coffee. Yep… he loved that woman. He had been surprised to see her so early last night, but not disappointed. Now if his body would just start working without the pain, life would be perfect.

Vivian hadn’t explained her rapid return, but he didn’t really care. If it meant she wouldn’t be working with some wildcard he didn’t know and trusted even less, that was okay by him. Eddy didn’t like bounty hunters. He’d had one bad experience too many working with their ilk.

After a quick shower, a quick three cups of coffee, and innumerable glances across the table at his lady, Eddy was ready to go. They hadn’t said much over breakfast, Viv seemed to be thinking about something pretty seriously, but now Eddy was all words...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.117

fovatarFox was a block away from the appointed meeting spot when she stopped atop an apartment building for a rest. Noises from the street below grabbed her attention and she looked over the edge of the building. Below was a young couple, perhaps her age. They looked like they had just gotten out of a car and were entering the building. They sounded happy, laughing and teasing each other. There was a rather long kiss and then they moved out of sight.

What are you doing? she asked herself. You’ve finally found the right guy and you’ve left him home, battered and with a death wish. There was a moment of internal conflict as the old Fox and Vivian struggled. She wanted revenge against the man who sent Savate after her. So much easier for her to run on autopilot: anger, revenge… her old ways.


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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.115

kavatar“Blindside” slipped into the apartment as quietly as he could, through the bedroom window rather than the normal balcony entrance. Better not to tempt fate. He had to know if he was in trouble before facing it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Vivian wasn’t home. And from the looks of things, she hadn’t been.

He stepped out on the balcony to get some air. He needed it. This was two nights in a row. Something had to be wrong. If Begnini is lying to me, so help me God…. It was right about that time that his communicator broke through his reverie. Just want he needed… work.

Maybe he could convince Ol’ Blue that he got a wrong number. “Mushi mushi?”

Bluewolf, apparently, wasn’t fooled. “Funny. Has your Vixen returned to her den?”

Eddy paused...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.109

fovatarThe Fox turned her masked glare on the man on the stairs. “Yeah, of course it rings a bell, how could I forget him. He’s the one that knocked up his secretary, refused to take any responsibility for it and then fired her when he thought she might tell his wife.’ She was even more angry sounding now.

“Uh huh……..AND I’M THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT, LADY.” Savate yelled. “Sounds more to me like a desperate attempt to stall for time” he snapped at her,making his way back down the stairs. ” You’re gonna have to do Better than that….”

She snorted in reply, “Looks like you didn’t do any homework on this job. Tsk, tsk. How very sloppy of you.’ She shrugged one shoulder, not looking too worried about the situation, her anger melting away for some reason.

“And what in the hell is that supposed to mean any...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.105

fovatarStill slightly out of it from the drugs, Fox woke up thinking she was back home. That was, until she felt the restraints around her arms and legs. She knew, or at least hoped, Eddy wasn’t into that.

Slowly her eyes opened, trying to focus in the dim light of the basement. Through foggy vision and a headache she began to try to get the layout of the room.

With her hands bound she couldn’t get to her belt, or the knife in her boot, so escape wasn’t looking too good at this moment. She’d have to wait for an opportunity to be handed to her.

‘Begnini. Eddy is going to flip.’ Her first thought, much like everyone else’s involved, was that the mobster had to behind this.

Her mask was still on then. What did that mean?’It was hard to think with whatever drug Savate hit her with still wearing off.

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.98

fovatarFox began to spray the foam Bluewolf had given her, coating the area around her and Andy. The icy feeling in her gut dissipated somewhat now that he was alert. A feeling of panic and dread had come over her when she saw Andy just lying there surrounded in blood and dead mobster brain matter.

With Andy breathing on the respirator now she started to drag him out of the building.

“It’s a good thing you’re not one of those half a dozen a day donut cops.” she said to Andy with her signature smirk as she hefted him up to his feet, walking out.

Andy was too weak from smoke inhalation to put up much of a fight, his throat and lungs burning from the hot gases put out by the fire.

“I thought…” he mumbled.

“…that I was one of the bad guys. Yeah. Me too. Confusing isn’t it?”

She ran out of fire fighti...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.97

“Up on that ladder they say
How high?
Does a brother have to climb
To touch the light…”
-Afghan Whigs, “Honkey’s Ladder”



Light and heat.

Light and heat and…time?

Time. All the time in the world. He had all the time in the world, compressed into a fraction of a second. Time to see it all again.

Let’s go to the replay on that…

Panicelli raised his hands. Andy dropped his foot but kept the night stick tip against the mobster as he unslung his cuffs. “You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say—”


The scene slowed. Time crawled like a sloth after fifteen Guinness and triple-shot of Jameson’s 75 year reserve as a chaser. He watched the bullet part the glass beside him. Spiderweb cracks rippled from the impact point. The glass tumbled away in slow motion...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.93

fovatarVivian returned later in the afternoon with not only every item from Eddy’s list but a surprise as well. It was almost as if he had read his mind. There were muffled voices from the main part of the apartment, male by the sounds of it and then the click of the door closing. “Honey, I’m home…” she called out. Her footfalls rang out on the hardwood portion of the floor, but there was another noise as well, like something dragging along the floor. “I hope you survived my absence.” She entered the room back first, dragging a large cardboard box behind her. There was a distinct dog and gramophone on the side of it. “I thought you might be bored in here and I figured the place could use a second TV afterall….”

Eddy was climbing back into bed when she walked into the bedroom...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.85

kavatarThe next morning, Eddy felt like every bone in his body had been broken… twice. But that was okay, because it overrode the pain of the muscle aches and nearly-collapsed lungs. Still, he was waking up in Vivian’s apartment, so all things considered, it could be worse. He wanted a shower, though, and he wasn’t entirely certain that he could walk that far.

Maybe a quick crawl to a nice, hot bath. He was considering whether or not he could manage that, half-slipping back to sleep, when a muffled shriek from a familiar voice snapped him to consciousness. Vivian! He jumped out of bed and dropped straight to the floor. Ow, ow, ow. His legs seemed to be on Strike. Still… something was wrong...

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