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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.25

vay_avVanya didn’t look back as she let the space between her and Vincent and Kayin grow. The sound of their footsteps grew fainter behind her and she managed to stop listening for her name. She couldn’t begrudge Kayin for needing to talk to her mentor; Vincent was the first one she turned to at emotional times too. His reassuring nature went beyond the companion training, it was just who he was. And she needed to stop hoping that Kayin was unburdening his soul about her and simply let the two of them talk.

Ordinarily she didn’t mind walking by herself. After weeks on Repose, the touch of warm air on her skin was nearly a luxury. She missed the manicured gardens of Shinon. The days of relaxing in the shade, the scent of the painstakingly reproduced flowers heavy in the air...

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dru_avDru’s eyes were fixed on the flashing light. His brother had gotten out of his chair to join him at the com. Both Kokezaru’s minds raced, thinking of all the people that might know that particular frequency. What possible reasons they might feel the need to try and use it blindly without knowing where they exactly were. The silence had settled so thickly that Joe felt the sense of urgency about it. Even so he couldn’t help but remind them of the precarious state boosting the signal had put their ship’s communications in.

“Guys…” he started softly, his voice almost cracking. “We can’t hold this much longer.”

Tyler put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, nodding. “Okay.”

Durden reached out and switched the com to the private channel and let the call come through...

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